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Minimalist Interior Design HDB Singapore

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Create a truly minimalist haven with Mr Shopper Studio's unique design process and end-to-end interior design services.

No interior design trend has been more ubiquitous than minimalism—and for a good reason.

Easy on the eyes and a breeze to maintain, it's no surprise the minimalist design aesthetic has been a mainstay in interior design catalogues.

But contrary to what it may seem on the outside, designing minimalist-style homes is not straightforward to do.

You don't achieve a minimalist style just by having fewer things in your home, you need to be intentional with how you decorate.


So, what makes for a minimalist interior design style?

Spareness and simplicity

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A minimalist house design is not for bold colours, showy decor, or extra embellishments; instead, it is for returning to the bare essentials.

Thus, the clean lines, lots of natural light, and blank spaces signify comfortability with our own skin.

Minimalistic colours

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The colour palette is a vital element of a minimalist-designed space.

Often featuring a monochromatic colour scheme, a neutral colour palette, and a narrower range of tones, these are aimed at creating a sense of calmness and cleanliness.

The principle of less is more

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A minimalist design captures what it means to have less but also to have more.​

This means that minimalist decor should make a statement and fill the spaces with stories while still giving the mind space to wander.

Practicality and functionality

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Every piece in a minimalist space should have a primary purpose and should be strategically arranged.

For example, a dining room table or even a coffee table can double as storage spaces by giving it extra compartments.

A reductive beauty

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A minimalist home does not gain aesthetic value through cold, stark, and sterile white-box rooms.

Instead, it finds its aesthetic restraint by breaking interior design styles into their most fundamental forms and, as a result, creating harmonious, restful, elegant spaces to breathe and live in.


Come home to a minimalist home done right with Mr Shopper Studio

Specialised design methodology for every client

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To help clients decide which aesthetic they want to see in their homes, we have created our very own design methodology - the Interior Personality Analysis Program.

The first in Asia, our IPA Program is based on your personality and lifestyle, curating everything from the colour palette to space planning according to your tastes and preferences.

Experienced minimalist interior design team

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Our interior designers do more than create a stunning home for you to live in; they also ensure that your house is functional, accessible, and safe. 

Our team has worked on hundreds of projects, gaining the expertise to balance aesthetics and functionality while still perfecting the clutter-free visual appeal of minimalist interior design.

Full end-to-end interior design services

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We mean serious business when we say we do everything. With almost a decade of experience in the field, we have gained an innate understanding of what homeowners like you want.

Thus, we provide a wide array of services that take care of everything—from renovation and interior styling to sourcing and procurement of furnishings and more!

Premium convenience for each client

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Our team looks to streamline every part of the process and elevate client experience with personalisation and design integrity.

In fact, we can start the project without you being physically present. Communication can be handled online, allowing you to focus on the more important things in life.

Trusted by Homeowners All Over Singapore

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Minimalist Interior Design Portfolio

Need some inspiration for your dream home? Take a look at our past minimalist design work and get inspired!

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Book your FREE consultation today!

Trust Mr Shopper Studio to Create Your Minimalist Space and Enjoy:

  • Quality workmanship backed by years of experience in minimalist interior design.

  • Premium access to professional end-to-end interior design services.

  • A curated, uncluttered space that reflects your personality and lifestyle based on our IPA Program.

With a style as ubiquitous and as complicated as a minimalist interior design, you need to partner with professionals who have an innate understanding of the style.

Ready to create a minimalist haven of your own?

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