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  • TODAY Newspaper | By Eveline Gan

Home Makeovers with a Difference


What makes Mr Shopper Studio stand out is its personalised services, which include planning, sourcing and styling of home furnishings. Even the most minute details, such as the positioning of the dinner plates, are taken care of.

Directors said: “Our mission is to offer homeowners a hassle-free experience within their budget. Once our work is done, all our clients need to do is to walk into their made-over homes with their luggage and belongings.”

To help them better understand each homeowner’s profile, personality and budget, the team created its own Interior Personality Analysis software in a questionnaire format.

“This analysis helps us learn more about our clients’ needs and preferences before our first face-to-face consultation,” Directors explained. “It also helps homeowners understand what they really want out of their renovation project.”


The company’s practice of being upfront and honest about costs from the start also helps prevent unpleasant surprises at the end of the renovation project.

Directors said: “Overspending is very common because many interior-design firms often don’t highlight potential hidden costs as that may lead to clients cutting down on their renovation budget. One of the things we do for our client is financial planning, so that they get their dream homes without spending beyond their budget.”

Directors one-stop approach to interior home makeovers has become a hit with homeowners. In less than six months since its launch, Mr Shopper Studio added six show flat-quality projects to its portfolio, was featured twice in an interior magazine and had 5,000 fans on its Facebook page.

** Extracted from TODAY Lifestyle Column **

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