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Small Space Solutions

Thank you Houzz Singapore for the feature.

We're also inspired to create our very own Small-Space-Solutions based on our past projects.

Check them out below:


I believe this is not something new anymore especially in Singapore where our homes are gettin' smaller. Our team has source and import this Dining Table from China and by customising it to include a KompacPlus top to make it more durable and also matches the interior seamlessly.

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Sometimes due to certain restrictions of Fengshui, we not only have to think out of the box, we have to think out of the circle too. For this project, we're tasked to face the bed only in a specific direction and client requested for us to include their huge wardrobe, study table plus their favourite TV to be in this same room. We did it by making the divider wall to be multi-usage, one side can have the TV to be mounted on, the other side to have a sleek study table. You should consider this solution too to create a SOHO room too.

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To create a working corner, dresser area and a walk-in-wardrobe that oozes elegance and opulence without loosing it's functionality. The dresser mirror is lifted up to reveal sufficient storage space which is perfect for storing away jewelry or beauty essentials to keep them out of sight when not in use. We have also included a power switch by the side of the storage so that they can also store a hair-dryer or use to charge the laptop while the mirror is concealed. View Full Portfolio Here