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Tatler Focus: This Stylish Apartment Combines Pastels With Playful Accents

A Tropical Haven Designed For A Couple And Their Cat

Curves, colours and fun elements liven up the interiors of this apartment for a young family

How do you design a child-friendly home, while crafting a chic haven that the parents will love, too? To conceive this home for a young family, the designers, Joanna Chia and Rachel See, from Mr Shopper Studio took inspiration from the colourful work of Mexican architect Luis Barragán, while combining it with the minimalist aesthetic of John Pawson.

Just as Barragán was beloved for his brightly coloured private homes, this three-room apartment in the Punggol neighbourhood stands out for its lyrical use of curve, line and shade—with delightful results.

No.1 - Wonder Wall

The living room’s feature wall captures one’s eye, with the television placed within an arched cutout against a lined pink wall. “We wanted to do the opposite of what is normally done in apartments, by making a three-dimensional space look two-dimensional,” explain the designers.

No. 2 - Culinary Gem

The home’s design also addressed practical concerns. The designers reworked the odd floor plan and a small kitchen with a new open-plan layout for the kitchen and living areas; it features a kitchen island decked out in the home’s signature pink.

No. 3 - Curious Corner

Pastel hues, curved lines and soft furniture can be found in every part of the home, creating a unique environment that inspires curiosity. The dining room is designed as a cosy nook, with its bench seating and backdrop upholstered in plush velvet.

No. 4 - Uptown Style

In the master bedroom, a serene palette of rich blues and greys add to the elegance of the space. Curved furnishings—from hanging lights and mirrors—along with upholstered bedhead continue the home’s inviting design language. The designers have also expanded the sense of space by connecting the bedroom and bathroom with clear glass.

No. 5 - Rest and Play

Naturally, the home’s most whimsical feature is found in the children’s room, with the intent to design the room both as a playground and a sanctuary. A custom-made slide adds interactivity and a touch of childlike wonder to this inspiring space.

The final result is a colourful home with a distinctly modern design for a young family. “There’s a playfulness here which makes it truly stand out from the other homes we have done so far,” quip the designers.

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