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Luxury Kitchen Looks on a Budget

Nothing beats a luxurious looking kitchen, particularly for those who love cooking and preparing meals for their family. Adding extravagance to your kitchen need not be too expensive. The little decorative finishing touches can create a big difference to the look of your kitchen. Any high-end look all depends on the materials that you will use as well as the interior design techniques that you can employ. Here are some kitchen re-modelling tips on how you can create a luxurious look of your kitchen on a budget:

Go for height

Modern kitchen interior design in Singapore has cabinets that reach the ceiling. Not only that it can deliver a stylish look, but it also gives your kitchen more storage space. If you want to retain your existing kitchen cabinets, ask for a carpentry job to build up and then paint it with matching colours.

Set up pendant lights

Installing stunning pendant light fixtures in the kitchen makes it look more beautiful than the standard lights. To make it more luxurious, try to establish a visual hierarchy by buying one or two large lighting fixtures to be placed in the area that you want to highlight and some mini pendant lights for your kitchen’s “supporting zone.”

Choose contemporary floor

Kitchen flooring can look high-end if you go for the contemporary look. A wooden floor is timeless, but nowadays, renovation projects use using vinyl as it has the look of real wood. It is also cheaper but can still give your kitchen an equally-luxe look.

Finishing touches

Introducing colours in your kitchen is the best way to boost their overall finish. If you want to have a seamless, clean look, go for all white or monochrome. Darker hues can also be used to introduce your focal zone. Another way to do the finishing touches is by using statement pieces of appliances. It can be a range cooker or a refrigerator with metal finishes. All these can lift the overall look of your kitchen aside from their primary purposes.

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