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This Nautical-Themed Kitchen Design Concept Has An Island With A Stunning Gradient Effect

A Tropical Haven Designed For A Couple And Their Cat

The bold and colourful theme by Mr Shopper Studio results in a modern and dynamic kitchen that unites Moroccan elements with seafaring details

How do you mix elements of the old and new to form a timeless space? For Mr Shopper Studio, the kitchen is a place of harmony and play where form and function meet to serve the needs of the user.

When they were tasked to design a kitchen in collaboration with German home appliances brand Gaggenau, senior designers Sean Hafiz and Rachael See of Mr Shopper Studio decided to blend old-world influences with contemporary design by combining Moroccan elements with seafaring details. Their design scheme is thus a play of texture, colour and light to delineate a stage-like set where the open kitchen takes centre stage

A rooftop pool located above the kitchen creates a playful distortion of sunlight, creating a delightful sense of being underwater. The designers continue the aquatic theme by introducing a handmade seashell mosaic on the kitchen island. Throughout, a series of Moorish arched doorways with lattice detailing creates a sense of luxury and drama. In the backdrop, the cabinets finished in royal blue complete the look, while housing a number of sleek appliances including refrigerators, ovens and wine coolers.

Amidst this elaborate backdrop, the open-plan kitchen features ample storage space, sleek cabinetry and a wide array of Gaggenau products. “The kitchen needs to have a functional layout, where the user is able to fully utilise what is designed,” say the designers. “The work triangle of fridge, sink and stove has been heavily thought through in the creation of this layout.”

To complete the look, the kitchen island is finished in white marble; a variety of Gaggenau products in stainless steel has also been effortlessly incorporated.

The designers have selected a streamlined array of products, including the Combi microwave ovens, espresso machine and wine chiller from the 400 series, as well as the Flex induction cooktop with integrated ventilation from the 200 series. “Gaggenau’s products are easy-to-use and their design is very sleek; these can easily fit into any design theme,” they quip. The result is a well-furnished kitchen that boasts the best of form and function.

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