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The Hottest Home Interior Design Styles in 2020

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

As modern lives become increasingly niche and personalized, so do our personal tastes. This reflects most prominently in the way we choose to decorate our living space. One can be inspired by their travels in Europe, love for a certain type of art, or experienced a lifestyle they want replicated in the comfort of their homes. Not only that, but it is also important to combine these lofty ideas with day-to-day functionality such as incorporating design aesthetics to a smart and sporty home, making sure that the home space can accommodate children or even pets. Interior design today is all about marrying two or more ideas – merging styles into one – it’s by the combination of these ideas where we will find something unique and new about the homeowner’s personality and character. Read along to find out some of the hottest interior design styles homeowners dig for their homes in 2020.

1. Scandinavian & Contemporary Hygge

It started with IKEA highly influencing the mass with its affordable yet stylish and useful furniture. It seemed so brilliant back then, how the Dutch-based Swedish company had reached a mass market but maintained a playful and eco-friendly simplicity many still like to replicate in their home-style today. Then, it was Kinfolk, the lifestyle magazine from Copenhagen, Denmark, that was so forward-thinking and thoughtful, it convinced a whole generation of readers that their aesthetic as the epitome and leader of contemporary millennial living. Next, we learn of Hygge, the Danish word that’s associated with comfort, contentment and well-being in daily life – a defining characteristic of Danish culture and the secrets of quality of life in Denmark.

It is no wonder we are such big advocates of Scandinavian and Nordic interiors! Typically recognizable as spaces with white walls with clean and airy simplicity, 2020’s Scandinavian theme is so much more than that. It’s about elevating the simplicity and functionality with contemporary and artful design elements. Those elements can be the homeowner’s own personal art collection that aims to add personality or sourcing for that one statement contemporary chandelier that will stand out as the focal point of the living room when entertaining with guests.

2. Minimal Zen

With origins from Japan, Zen Minimalism uses a lot of natural materials as well as maintaining a neutral color palette; all at the goal of achieving a peaceful and serene abode. Lately, there has been a huge increase in popularity for Singapore homeowners to be inspired by traditional Japanese interiors most prominently found in Onsen Ryokans (Spring Bath Hotels).

However at Mr Shopper Studio, instead of going full traditional, we like to incorporate those little oriental elements into creating a contemporary home that pays homage to the unique features of Zen Minimalism such as vertical wood panels that elongate the look of your ceiling, the use of an oriental print in the blinds of a client as well as incorporating oriental motifs in the woodwork of shelf doors.

Most recently, we also found the Japanese entryway, Genkan, to be a useful idea to consider adding into your home renovation plans during this Covid-19 pandemic. That’s because the Japanese entryway is typically like a space within itself, effective when you want to first isolate guests for the protocols that have become 2020’s new normal; sanitize and temperature check! As Singapore homes have limited space, the design does not have to be a full blown closed space in itself but designed as a corner sectioned by vertical wood columns aforementioned where Covid-19 protocols are safely performed before stepping into the living area. #staysafe

3. Modern Art Deco

Art Deco is the prevailing style in modern American and European culture in the 1920s. Think F. Scott Fitzgerald’s, The Great Gatsby, and the splendor of the flapper era, the emancipation of women in restricting dresses (thanks, Coco Chanel!), underground parties and speakeasies during the Prohibition era; and you’ll know that that is the Art Deco period. In interiors you see them manifest as geometric and ornate archways and columns, tiled floors, shiny luxe and metal furniture and lots of velvet textures. The Jazz Age was a time of luxury, wealth, and excess so it is no wonder interiors inspired from that era display a highly maximalist character. Today, we view art deco style homes as the epitome of modern luxury living.

At Mr Shopper Studio, Modern Art Deco is simply known as Modern Luxury and one of the styles we do best. You can find this in many of our projects incorporated with metallic furniture, opulent lighting and luxurious looking motifs, textiles, and textures.

Elegance and glamour is the hallmark of Modern Art Deco styling and continues to be the go to option for homeowners who prefer a more classic but elevated look in their renovation project.

4. Mid-Century Modern

This design movement began in the mid-twentieth-century when many Bauhaus architects and designers migrated to America and started a new movement known as Mid-Century Modern. This interior design style is super popular and easily recognizable in many interiors today. These spaces are full of natural woods, bold primary colors, organic and whimsical shapes, and geometric patterns. The furniture of this style is often originated and inspired by furniture from the 1950s-1970s from greats such as Herman Miller carrying the ever popular Eames chair, Knoll’s Harry Bertoia furniture, Paul Evans for Directional Furniture, and George Nelson. Mid-Century Modern style is characterized by simplicity and functionality -- functionality is important as Bauhaus ethos is that form follows function. Today, we also view this interior design style with a tint of retro designer and vintage nostalgia.

At Mr Shopper Studio, we achieve the Mid-Century Modern look by adding pop of patterns like starbursts and line drawing motifs or hint of unexpected color in textiles and wallpapering. Then, when it comes to furniture, this style is mostly exemplified by warm woods of teak and walnut with its signature tapered leg. Lastly, another very obvious indicator of MCM style is the highly popular curved/organic shapes found in arched mirrors and doorways. This style is perfect if you love a vintage mod look full of character and stylish living.

5. Fluid Architectural & Conceptual Spaces

Think Le Corbusier or the more contemporary Zaha Hadid architects when thinking about fluid, organic lines in architecture. When translated into interior spaces, they often add a touch of artful element into your home decor design and are usually a focal point of the living space. When homeowners choose to have such a statement design aesthetic in their living area, it shows that they appreciate the finer things in life and are not afraid to be bold in expression of their personal tastes. Although there is nothing wrong with classic tastes, these projects are a dream to design as they are typically a combination of the homeowner’s vision of the place to the designer’s interpretation plus contracting, woodwork, curation and styling to bring the vision to life!

A project at Hundred Palms Residences found us creating a feature wall panel with a backlit convex orb that takes inspiration from Anish Kapoor’s, Sky Mirror. In the same house, built-in lit shelves with curved shapes and curved mirrors were installed as a repetition of the fluid and organic theme.

We have also created other highly conceptual works that were nominated for Tatler Design Awards and featured in Tatler; be it a nautical-themed kitchen design to a home inspired by the owners’ pet cat. These homes feature something new to the senses be it in the use of unexpected color or Moroccan elements complete with seafaring details.

As you can see, oftentimes homeowners will find themselves inspired by more than just one interior design style and want to combine two or more elements into a home renovation project. In reality, the interior design styles found in home renovation projects today are usually an eclectic mix of the styles shared above! They are also combined and improved with new ideas such as new materials, pop of color, or smart home features. Still thinking why you should choose us?  Click here to read about our media mentions and achievements! If you need advice on how best to approach your home renovation project, kindly make an appointment with one of our Interior Designers by following the link to complete our Interior Personality Assessment (IPA) Analysis and we will arrange for a suitable Designer to attend to you. Alternatively, please contact our WhatsApp if you have any further questions regarding your next home renovation project!

Lastly, visit our premium brand website, Archluxe, if you are keen to learn more and further incorporate niche design and/or luxurious styles into your home revamping journey.

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