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Turning a DBSS Flat into a Film Set Worthy Smart Home for the Whole Family

Lights, cameras, smart home.

If you’re wondering why this home may seem familiar to you, chances are that you may have caught a glimpse of it before on TV.

For followers of Channel 8’s dramas, you may recognise this DBSS home from part of the set for recent Mediacorp series, CTRL (操控). Featuring not only a luxurious home design reminiscent of a hotel’s interior by Eric Lim from Mr. Shopper Studio, the home also incorporates Koble’s state of the art smart home solutions, designed with homeowners, Ms Chua and her family in mind.

The home is retrofitted with smart solutions to complement their hectic lifestyle as young parents and full-time working professionals, and the integration of smart lighting fixtures, smart zip-tracks, voice control systems and more helps to elevate the luxury of the home, all while providing a good balance of convenience and comfort. Thank you Koble for the feature!

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