Top 3 Most Viral Homes

Curious what it takes to clinch the title of 'Most Popular Home' in Qanvast and Houzz and how these trending abodes look like? Here are our very own compilation of 3 Homes that went viral on Facebook. Probably you can take some hints for your new place!


No. 1     Joo Seng Green (Pastel Fun Scandinavian)

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Proof that white-washed spaces can still look cosy and homely, this cheery-looking space has captured the hearts of Singaporeans everywhere with its cute pops of pastel colour! Keeping to a scheme of light mustard yellow, mint green and baby blues against the pale base of ivory white, creams and bleached woods, every pretty piece of decor looks so well matched and put together, it’s almost too dreamy. 

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No. 2     McNair Apartment (Luxurious Hotel)