A Purrrrr-fect Home

August 24, 2017

5 Reasons why Minimalist Scandinavian can be a Purr-fect Home


No. 1 - Neutral Colours 

Easy to match whether with paint or furniture, they're so easy to source for and matches with each other. With muted neutral shades, you can easily create a more calm serene atmosphere at home.


No. 2 - Look Spacious 

With just a few cleverly picked pieces of lighter and brighter furniture, they can be sufficient to provide all the comfort you need, while not overcrowding or cluttering the space. 

No. 3 - Cost Effective

It's all about supply & demand. When there are bountiful supply of Scandinavian furnishings in Singapore, they could also be easily imported from China, you can get them at a affordable price for a wider range of selections.


No. 4 - Stay Organize

When there are a wide range of well-designed selections available, you can keep things tucked away and out of sight. The beauty of Scandinavian is...it is rather minimalist to begin with. Stay clutter-free.


No. 5 - Decorative Storage

The cool thing about Scandinavian theme is that the usual boring furniture piece could be a focal point instead. Like instead if hiding a clothes rack in a wardrobe, you display it like an art. Even laundry bags can be an eyesore in other themes but would add a touch of homeliness in Scandinavian.

Well, all in all this theme will NOT work for you if you're a hoarder.  




Last but not least...


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