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Landed House Interior Design | Terrace House Singapore Design

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Want a hassle-free renovation process for your landed properties?

Mr Shopper Studio's unique design methodology and end-to-end interior design services is your answer!

Unlike other forms of accommodation in Singapore, landed homes are free from restrictions. They are not subject to the specific regulations of HDB flats or the little space and shared amenities as in condo units.

As a landed property owner, you have the right to demolish, rebuild and redesign your house any way you like.

But, it takes a lot to renovate a landed property house.

Your house should be a sanctuary, a safe space where you can kick back and relax, so it has to be nothing short of perfect.

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Before diving head-first into your renovation project, make sure to do these:

Set your priorities

To determine what your priorities are, ask yourself, 'What are you trying to do with the space?'.

Do you have a child on the way? Do you need more space for a growing family? Are your elderly loved ones going to live with you?

Decide on a timeline.

A timeline sets everything in motion. Are you rushing to move in, or can you wait a little longer? How much is too long a lead time for you?

Plan your budget

Your dream house's Pinterest mood boards will remain only that if you don't plan a feasible budget to bring them to life.

You need to have a rough estimate of your costs from the get-go while having a buffer for unexpected expenses.

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Now, weighing your priorities and planning your budget while following a timeline is a balancing act in itself, and it can be overwhelming, especially for first-time homeowners.

Enter Mr Shopper Studio.

With the sky being the limit and so much at stake, we say there is only one way to design and renovate landed properties—with the expertise of Mr Shopper Studio's interior designers.



Here's how we make your landed house property renovation a stress-free experience:

Specialised design methodology for every client

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To help clients decide which aesthetic they want to see in their homes, we have created our very own design methodology - the Interior Personality Analysis Program.

The first in Asia, our IPA Program is based on your personality and lifestyle, curating everything from the colour palette to space planning according to your tastes and preferences.

Experienced landed property interior designer team

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At Mr Shopper Studio, we believe that having a professional interior design team on board is already half the battle won—especially for a renovation as major as landed properties.

Our team has worked on hundreds of projects, gaining the expertise to balance aesthetics and functionality while ensuring your unique needs are met.

Full end-to-end interior design services

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We mean serious business when we say we do everything. With almost a decade of experience in the field, we have gained an innate understanding of what homeowners like you want.

From design and build, renovation, sourcing and procurement of furnishings, and interior styling, Mr Shopper Studio is truly a one-stop turnkey solution for land homeowners.

Premium convenience for each client

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Our team looks to streamline every part of the process and elevate client experience with personalisation and design integrity.


In fact, we can start the project without you being physically present. Communication can be handled online, allowing you to focus on the more important things in life.

Trusted by Homeowners All Over Singapore

4.8+ Reviews

200+ Projects

22.8k+ Users

Landed Property Interior Design Portfolio

Need some inspiration for your dream home? Take a look at our past work on landed houses and get inspired!

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Get your FREE quotation today!

What You Will Get When You Pick Mr Shopper Studio for Your Renovation & Interior Design Project:

  • Quality workmanship backed by years of experience.

  • Premium access to professional end-to-end interior design services.

  • A curated landed property that reflects your personality and lifestyle based on our IPA Program.

Using a unique model of a design methodology for our end-to-end interior design services, you can rest assured that we will enhance every aspect of your home from the ground floor up.

Ready to design the home of your dreams? Take our IPA methodology to get started.

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