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Mr Shopper Studio Rescue Mission

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Nong nong time ago, one lovely couple Mr and Mrs Oh went shopping. Mr Oh saw this sofa set and immensely fell in love with it. The texture.. colour.. comfort.. OMG.. it was love at first sight.. Ahhh..

Mrs Oh on the other hand chance upon this queen size bed with diamond diamond bling bling and also fell in love with it too.

Without even having any concrete design for their home they've proceeded to buy both of the furniture.. what the?? Ok let's move on..

After, they engaged an ID firm to design for their home. The below 3D drawings were what they received.

**Fanantal Guidance: A picture rating advising home owners that some materials in our blog may be unsuitable for people that appreciate good design**

Not too impressed with the proposed design and having no confidence with the firm. The couple came to us for help.

Honestly, we almost turn down the job as the Kong Bak Pao Sofa is really too legendary already lah.. How to design sia? And the worse part is.. the budget given was really tight. It will be mission suicide man.. After having serious discussion with our creative team, we concluded that "Hey if we could use our creative design to turn the table around, wouldn't it be a good opportunity for us to showcase our design talent?!"

OK lah.. We ON them!

Our "Rescue The Kong Bak Pao Sofa" mission was established.

The couple terminated their existing contract with previous firm, forfeited their deposit and signed up with us instead.

Now let's get to work!

Our proposed 3D drawing

Since the couple have already bought their sofa set prior to coming up with a design, our challenge will be to design around it, so that the set is able to blend into the interior instead of sticking out.

Now are you ready to watch our 3D magic turn into a reality?

Did they make the right decision?

Did our team really manage to pull it off?

Our lovely fans... You decide.

Mr Shopper Studio | Dark Mysterious Modern Living Room in HDB Condo

Photos Credit: The Luminari

Once again, our team has created yet another masterpiece with the following design concept.

Mr Shopper Studio | Dark Theme Modern Living Room in Condo

The Kong Bak Pao lookalike sofa is clad in dark neutral tones, with red accents. Taking the cue from the colour palatte at hand, we similarly swathed the interior surroundings accordingly- while largely supporting the darker neutral monochrome, red fittings were cast next to the sofa as thematic complements.

Mr Shopper Studio | Dark Modern Living Room in HDB Condo
Mr Shopper Studio | Dark Modern Living Room in HDB Condo
Mr Shopper Studio | Dark Modern Living Room in HDB Condo
Mr Shopper Studio | Dark Modern Living Room in HDB Condo

Considering that the sofa resembles a snack, we have modified the living hall to accommodate its irregular form with clean-lined modernity. The selected art piece and carpet occur as natural stylistic continuations of the sofa, emanating smoothly from its top and bottom.

Ultimately, the Kong Bak Pao lookalike is a subtle, yet notable-enough protrusion from the calm lines of modernity, accented by the colour schematic and choice fittings in the surrounding.

Not forgetting our Mrs Oh "Modern Victorian" Master Bedroom with customized walk-in wardrobe that looked like it's fitted for a Queen.

Mr Shopper Studio | Luxe Victorian Master Bedroom SG Condo