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Should Design Works be FOC?

With the recent wedding photos saga that went viral internationally. It sets us thinking. What should be the appropriate expectation from consumers with package deals? What should consumers expect out of package deals that seems too good to be true? Are package deals really good for consumers? Or are the ones working behind these deals being underpaid or the ones engaging the services being under-served?

Similarly in the Interior Design industry, there’re more and more package deals emerging with 8 out of 10 firms offering not $350 but FOC remuneration for design works. Are we devaluing the industry and is this benefiting the owners at large. There’s no right or wrong to the subject matter as it all boils down to supply and demand, owners’ expectation and budget. At such, it would be unfair to penalise firms for offering package deals, fault photographers or designers for offering mediocre work or owners for expecting high quality results.

We shall leave it to the owners to judge and the market to decide what is best. Before that, how about taking a look at some amazing work for inspirations. However, they do charge a minimal and reasonable design fee for their time and effort. Or should they?

Wee Studio Pte Ltd

Interior Designed by: Mr Shopper Studio Photo Credit to: The Luminari

** Special shoutout and thanks Wee Studio Pte Ltd for allowing us to share their work.

Do check out their amazing work at their website! **

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