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Denny's Renovation Journey

Thank you Qanvast for interviewing Denny on his renovation journey with us.

We'e honored to have Denny entrusting his Toa Payoh's home to us. It was a 3-room HDB Flat that hasn't renovated for the last 30 years. Our team did a major overhaul to the unit in 8 weeks and the cost of renovation came up to be approx $50k plus furniture and accessories that is a total of $80k.

Denny wanted to save the hassle of designing a home hence he sought our expertise.

Below is the extract of the interview from

Qanvast: Why did you decide to choose Mr Shopper Studio?

D: How their firm operates caught my attention. While I was researching on interior designers, I noticed Mr Shopper Studio also sourced and shopped for home furnishings on behalf of the homeowners. I told MSS at our first meeting on the requirements and he came out with a good design proposal. I checked with a friend of mine, who happened to be an interior designer too, on the prices MSS quoted and she finds it reasonable judging from the amount of work they had to do.

Qanvast: Tell us more about these personalised services.

D: MSS was given a budget and he got to work on designing our home and sourcing for the right decor and furnishings to fit the theme. He would take a picture of the item he intends to purchase and seek my approval before purchasing the item. I like how MSS made it a point to get me involved in the decision making process.

Needless to say, with someone handling the shopping for me, it was a fuss-free renovation. MSS took charge of all the deliveries so I am not required to be at home to receive the deliveries. I have heard from other homeowners about timing the delivery of the furniture and appliances can be frustrating at times. MSS really covered all grounds, right down to the forks and spoons used!

Qanvast: Tell us more about the design for your home.

D: I wanted a lot of storage space as my unit is small. MSS was able to design storage spaces that complemented the Scandinavian design of the home.

We also wanted bulky appliances to be hidden from plain sight and MSS found a way to ‘hide’ the washing machine and other appliances from plain sight.

Old HDB - Before Renovation

Before Renovation - Living Room

After Renovation - Living Room

Before Renovation - Kitchen

After Renovation - Kitchen

Before Renovation - Master Bedroom

After Renovation - Master Bedroom

View Full Portfolio Pictures Here:

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