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FAQ: Finding Best Fit

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Too many times we've been questioned what's so different about MSS?

Why do we need to fill in 30+ questionnaires just to get a quotation?

And wait and wait just to get an appointment date but no designs or quotation given?!

1) We filter our clients!

Yes, we filter our clients so they get the best fit they deserved.

Someone who is originally full of specific design ideas will not be able to work well with Designers who are always coming up with cool new ideas that they're looking forward to free-play. Such clients usually need an experienced Professional whose strength is in co-ordination, more on technical aspect or building knowledge to ensure your dream home comes true.

There are also owners who are too busy or they're clueless and is willing to entrust their home to a Theme Designer, such cases we will then schedule for a 3-pax power team for the project. Getting clients into the right fit helps to minimize many necessary misunderstandings along the way.

2) We charge for our Designs

If you plan to get free designs from us, you'll be disappointed. But then how else are you gonna be convinced that we're able to come up with nice designs if you don't see anything in advance?

Well, you can consider checking out our track records. Our portfolios. Your home is also our portfolio so we're more concerned than you can ever imagine. If you're still not convinced then let our next upcoming project convince you.

3) We work in Teams

Yes and No. If you're looking for full renovation solutions then there'll be 3 key parties involved in your project; Theme Design, Project Manager, Interior Decorator.

If you only need standard renovation works, then there'll only be 1 main Designer to be involved.

As Designers, we sincerely wanted to offer you a well-designed home.

As Project Managers, we sincerely wanted your home to be functional, beyond it's outlook.

Sometimes designs & functions may not happened at the same time.

There are of course smart solutions available but they may not come cheap.

That's why we believe in having a best fit for a smooth happy renovation journey. Together.

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