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Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Over at Mr Shopper Studio, an award winning design firm that has more than a 100 portfolios till date. We actually pride ourselves quite a bit about the styling works that we've done so far. However, it was so often neglected and seldom brought to stage especially in Singapore. We have homes so small, that so often the focus would be on customising more cabinets for storage... Which can be quite sad since a whole bulk of the money was spent to get storage to store items that you probably do not need.

Let us share some of our Top 5 Styling Tricks where styling come into place to make you space looks clean, expensive and relaxing. They need not be expensive.

1) Neutral Base Always start with neutral colours for your base palette and work out spots where you wanna work out your focus or add on accent colours. A good example would be a cream sofa that will look classic in many many years to come and add on brighter or contrasty shades of throw cushions.

2) Wall Decors If you've been following rule no. 1 by keeping your bases neutral, now you can add on wall decorations. They can be accessories like paintings, metallic artworks or even mirrors. These items help to keep the plain walls lively.

3) Negative Space

Right, you heard us right. Negative space meaning empty spaces are a form of decoration too. They're just as important as the the decorations that you're gonna add. It is balancing and maintaining the tension between each items as they all need to "breathe" in that sense.

4) Lighting

This is very often neglected. We're not talking about those ceiling light that comes in functional of course. We're talking about those desk lights, bedside lamps or even reading lamps, these ambient light are not only decorative, they warmth that they give add another layer of luxurious touch so secretly that you would think you're in a hotel anytime when they're turned on.

5) Aromas

Last but not least, a beautiful home is not only about the visual aspect. It is the complete sensory experience you you're gonna get from us. (Okay right, maybe you can do this too) Picking a right scent is not too difficult. Always start with something light and natural, like a rose diffusers. Those could be not only decorative but also allows you to complete the look. Other essential oils are good for considerations too.

These are just some of the quick hacks and we hope they could help you to refresh your home. If you're still kinda stuck with what we're talking about, you can always get a professional to do it for you. We're just a click away.

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