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Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Mr Shopper Studio, Renovation Before After Photos

Renovation Cost: $ 80,000 Furnishing Cost: $ 25,000 Grand Total: $105,000

This tranquil, Japanese tea-room style HDB is a complete overhaul from how it first looked; A conventional, albeit dated house with burdensome pillars and (the horror!) wired window grilles that bring to mind security fences.

Living Room

Before: Pillars, protruding beams and ceiling fans frankly look passe; Plus, they make the space look shorter than it really is.

After: To achieve that minimalist/Zen style, the fancy wall and ceiling embellishments were taken off, leaving only the structural beams. Unsightly details like the switch box and wiring were also concealed with an in-built cabinet.

Dining Area

Before: What's most concerning here is the narrow arch into the kitchen. It hardly lets any light in, making it look like a literal hole-in-the-wall.

After: Separated by a glass partition, the kitchen and dining areas are now combined to form an brighter, uninterrupted space. Kitchen countertops are also smartly extended to form an island-style dining table.


Before: With worn fittings and grimy, porcelain tiles, the bathroom is functional, but not something to you'd look forward to entering.

After: Don't want the years of wear and tear to show? Choose a darker scheme instead. Brown tiles in all colours and textures are used to dress this luxurious bathroom, replete with a built-in bathtub!

Credit: Qanvast

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