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Shortlisted for Best Living Room & Best Bespoke Home!

Waterfront Apartment | Mr Shopper Studio

This tropical-style home was specially designed to suit the needs of a couple and their feline friend. To fulfil the owners’ request for tropical accents within the home, the apartment features several botanically-inspired features. The designers also opted for a lively mix of burnt oranges and somber greys to anchor the home’s aesthetic, while adding cat-friendly details to make the home a space—humans and feline alike—to call their own.

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Pastel Au Luxe | Mr Shopper Studio

This three-room apartment stands out for its lyrical use of curve, line and shade—with delightful results. The designers took inspiration from the colourful work of Mexican architect Luis Barragán, while combining it with the minimalist aesthetic of John Pawson. The living room’s feature wall captures one’s eye, with the television placed within an arched cutout against a lined pink wall. Pastel hues, curved lines and soft furniture can be found in every part of the home, creating a unique environment that inspires curiosity. Read more here.

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