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Accentuating Home: Styling Home with Decorative Details

A Tropical Haven Designed For A Couple And Their Cat

Making a statement at home is the same as showing off the personality of the homeowner’s personality. A personalised home does not need to be out of style. To create a stylish home that exudes character, these are some interior design accents that can genuinely make a statement:

A Tropical Haven Designed For A Couple And Their Cat

Choose feature furniture pieces

Interior designers in Singapore suggest that one of the best ways to accentuate one’s home is through statement furniture pieces. A beautiful, minimalist design can stand out with a little touch of colour. It may be coloured accent chair, area rug, or the headboard of the bed. Another home styling solution is by setting matching throws on the sofa. For a warmly toned living room, a patterned area rug or the homeowner’s favourite decorative chair can do the job.

Add metallic accents

Modern elegant décor trends today are metallic accents. Currently, the range of metallic touch is not only yellow gold, silver and brass. Rose gold is also becoming a personal favourite when it comes to adding metallic touches at home. Some use metallic accents in the dining and kitchen area via decorative items like the bar tools and pendant lights. In the living area, the metallic accent can be added using the clock and coffee table. Gold accents look stunning with the wooden floors as well.

Use patterned tiles

For fun and happy personality, another popular trend is using patterned tiles in the home makeover, not only on floor coverings but also as a wall accent. It need not to stay in the kitchen or bathroom area. For a touch of glamour, patterned tiles do not have to be loud. They can be a subtle statement such as simple patterned wall covering. If the goal is to create a statement, a splash of colourful tiles in the bathroom paired with a glass sink is a perfect match too. Smart statement in major home renovation can include the use of geometric patterned tiles as it comes in sophisticated by muted colours.

Try bright colours

Bright colours and lights have long been used for accentuating a space. But now, it can be used at home, particularly to the walls. Bright lights can look amazing in the bedroom during night time. For a hip vibe, bright color accent can be added in the dining space, especially if it has a monochrome theme. A fabulous piece of art can also be an excellent accent in the living room.

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