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Fascinating Interior Design Trends for 2020

A Tropical Haven Designed For A Couple And Their Cat

Every year, a change in home design keeps things fresh and exciting. As another year has come, it is now the time for a home makeover. Since interior design trends tend to be helpful when looking for inspiration and elements, we rounded up some of the fascinating trends for 2020 as suggested by some interior designers in Singapore.

A Tropical Haven Designed For A Couple And Their Cat

Use of baskets as décor

Aside from being used as storage, baskets and other woven pieces are lovely artworks that can add to the aesthetic beauty of any space. Baskets can be an alternative to the usual gallery wall, while they also keep everything organised. Shallow baskets create an elegant vibe in the interior design of a room. Colourful and intricate patterns are a perfect match to a plain wall. Some use baskets to give life to simple pots for your favourite plants.

Classic blue

In the start of the new decade, the Pantone Colour Institute announced that classic blue is the 2020 colour of the year. Incorporating this colour to any home styling gives a comforting ambience to the room. It may replace the neutrals like beige and grey in both residential and commercial spaces. In 2020, bolder and darker colours will be widely used for homes and other establishments as they offer a sense of tranquillity without going too far from the traditional hues.

Formal dining area

The previous years have been too attached to the open floor plans in the dining room. This year, having a formal dining room will be a thing. A formal dining room is where there is a real sense of space to enjoy mealtime with the family. It does not need to be a completely closed area, but just enough to encourage every member of the family to entertain each other without any distraction from another area of the house.

Lively kitchen

Gone are the natural wood and all-white looks in the past years. This 2020, pops of colour will be widely seen in the kitchen. Home designers have embraced colours in as their renovation solution for homes with a too simple theme. Expect bold paint on the kitchen cabinets, bright accent walls, and other bursts of colours that will add a welcoming feel to the kitchen.

Opening another year means opening new opportunities to make your home look more stylish and “homey.” At Mr Shopper, our goal is to turn every vision into reality, especially when it comes to home renovation projects.

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