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Common Styles of Interior Design

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Hillcrest Villa | Mr Shopper Studio

Are you considering changing your home's traditional style to a more minimalist interior design style? Or maybe you are wondering what your home would look like with different interior design styles?

Before spending money on renovating your spaces, it is worth discovering your preferred decorating and design styles.

This way, you can know which interior design styles would suit your needs most accurately.

To help you figure out which direction to go with, our interior designers at Mr Shopper Studio have prepared a list of popular interior design styles you must know before renovating.

Read on to know more!

How to Pick Interior Design Styles

Twin Vew | Mr Shopper Studio

There's an interior design style for every preference.

The trick to knowing yours is by understanding the elements that make it up and, above all, whether a particular interior design style sparks joy!

Take a Good Look at Your Space

Tampines Greenverge | Mr Shopper Studio

The purpose of this is two-fold.

Firstly, this helps you better understand what works for your space and the interior design styles you already lean towards.

Secondly, appraising what you already have helps you decide what you want to maintain or revamp for your next interior design project.

Get Inspired

Spring Bloom | Mr Shopper Studio

Be sure to seek inspiration if you can't find design elements that define your style.

Make a mood board of the designs that catch your attention, binge on interior design shows, or browse through interior design styles on social media.

You may also check out our portfolio for added inspiration. We have divided our works by type of properties and themes for your convenience.

Popular Interior Design Styles for Inspiration

Contemporary Interior Design Style

Tampines Greenverge | Mr Shopper Studio

Design style characteristics: Innovation, simplicity, and adaptability

The contemporary style is defined as anything of the present moment.

Unlike the modern style, which it is usually confused with, this style tends to have more freedom.

It is also futuristic and progressive since it evolves and borrows from different time eras.

On the other hand, modern interior design styles emphasise squared graphic lines and have a particular take on modernity.

Traditional Interior Design Style

Spring Bloom | Mr Shopper Studio

Design style characteristics: depth, layering, and vintage decor

The traditional style draws inspiration from classical, pre-1920s European furnishing and architecture.

Expect Old World glam, a chandelier as a centrepiece, ornate furniture styles, and art pieces with detailed work in an eclectic-style arrangement and neutral colour palette with darker wood tones.

Modern Interior Design Style

Lake Grande | Mr Shopper Studio

Design style characteristics: Elegant clean lines and minimalist silhouettes

Rooted in the Bauhaus movement and Scandinavian design and architecture, modern interior design styles focus on simplicity and clean individual elements.

It uses blacks and neutral shades like creams, beiges, and whites and frequently features glass and steel.

Ultimately, the core idea is of clutter-free homes that emphasise function over form.

Mid-century Modern (MCM) Design Style

Pramilia | Mr Shopper Studio

Design style characteristics: Vivid colours, organic shapes, and a retro feel with a fresh twist

The development of the mid-century modern design style spans the Second World War until the end of the period. Thus, the design styles here are reminiscent of the era.

For instance, the vivid use of colour and bringing nature indoors symbolised a more optimistic outlook for the future.

Additionally, the preference for functional and simplistic furniture and décor symbolised a contrast against the earlier ornate traditions.

Rustic Interior Design Style

The Creek Penthouse | Mr Shopper Studio

Design style characteristics: Simple, effortless, and emphasises the beauty of nature

A mix of farmhouse and interior design styles, the rustic interior design style uses natural materials and weathered finishes for that shabby chic but with a sophisticated bent.

Due to this combination, the overall vision of the design is practical, clean, and almost mannish.

Among the most common features of the design include a statement fireplace, fabrics with light textures and minimalist patterns, as well as industrial pendant lights.

Art Deco Interior Design Style

Botanique @ Bartley II | Mr Shopper Studio

Design style characteristics: Striking bold patterns and angular forms

The art deco interior design style was part of the art deco architecture movement from the Roaring 20s.

Thus, this design style is characterised by bold colours punctuated with high-shine silver, chrome, or black accents; large furniture; velvets; shark or zebra skin patterns; and geometric and symmetrical-shaped lighting.

Transitional Interior Design Style

Spring Bloom | Mr Shopper Studio

Design style characteristics: Harmonious, timeless, and geometric shapes and mild sculpting

As the name suggests, it fills the gap between traditional and more modern interior design styles without being too stuffy or streamlined.

Therefore, its design elements are a mix of both styles too. Getting the transitional interior design style right hinges on getting the balance between them.

That said, transitional-styled homes give off warmth and comfort rather than neutrality.

It uses larger-scale furnishings, natural textiles, and a soothing colour palette of cream, greys, deep blues, and verdant greens.

Coastal Interior Design Style

Punggol Baywater | Mr Shopper Studio

Design style characteristics: Beach house aesthetics

The coastal interior design style channels the navy spirit with its design elements.

It uses washed rustic wood; white or sand colour palettes with blue accents; bright lighting; and sea-themed items such as rowing wood oars, sailboats, clear jars filled with seashells, jute ropes, ship anchors, and navigational maps.

Scandinavian Interior Design Style

Butterworth 8 | Mr Shopper Studio

Design style characteristics: Simple, contemporary, and functional

The Scandinavian interior design style is responsible for today's popular minimalist look. It is a people-pleasing style that doesn't sacrifice beauty for functionality.

It uses many Bauhaus principles, such as focusing on object proportions and fluid lines, utilising open spaces and natural elements, and emphasising a connection to nature.

White and greys with bolder accents make up the colour palette of this style, resulting in an understated elegance.

Choose the Interior Design Style That Feels Right for You

The Trillum | Mr Shopper Studio

Whatever interior design styles you are drawn to, trust us at Mr Shopper Studio to use our expertise to accurately reflect your personal style.

We understand that cultivating your interior design style is a gradual process.

That is why we offer clients a methodology to bridge their vision of their dream home and their lifestyles through our Interior Personality Analysis™ (IPA).

What's more, our interior design firm can take on everything from design & build, renovation, and sourcing, to procurement & styling for your utmost convenience.

Don't wait; let Mr Shopper Studio help you design your home with confidence. Contact us today to book a meeting with our team!

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