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Condo Renovation Ideas | Condo Interior Design Ideas Singapore

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

condo interior design ideas

Another year, another opportunity to transform your condo unit into one that can better accommodate your changing needs and, more importantly, one that genuinely feels you.

That said, any prospect of a renovation can be a teensy bit scary because of what it entails.

It is also easy to dismiss renovation plans when you have a condo, as space is typically more limited.

It's a good thing our interior designers at Mr Shopper are experienced at transforming condos into beautiful and functional living spaces, regardless of limitations.

Thus, if you need design inspiration in renovating your condo, you have come to the right place. Keep reading for some renovation ideas below!

What you need to know before starting your condo interior design project

condo interior design project

Before doing the exciting part, aka designing and styling your interiors, you must take note of the technicalities first.

Developer guidelines

developer guidelines before a condo renovation

Renovating a condo involves different guidelines than an HDB unit or landed property.

One huge factor you need to consider, for instance, is that the rules on which parts of your home you can alter varies from condo to condo.

So, check with your condo's management before starting any renovation!

Old vs new condo models

old condominums vs new condominiums

Whether your condo is brand new or resale has a lot of bearing on your finances.

For instance, you can expect newer models to have basic fittings already.

Old condos typically don't and may need additional, sometimes unforeseen, hacking and concealment works—all of which add to the costs.

A dream design for your condominium unit

Tampines Greenweave

Having a good idea of what you want for your condo living space can ensure the renovation goes smoothly. So show us your inspiration mood boards!

This is also helpful for getting a better estimate of your expenses.

Not sure what exact interior design you want?

Powered by Interior Personality Analysis™ (IPA), our very own design methodology, it will translate your vision into personalised results to accommodate your dream home elements with your lifestyle.

Tips to maximise small condo space

small condos

We're delegating a section for ways to make your condo look more spacious since the floor space for condos, or the lack thereof, is a significant consideration when renovating.

Thus, below are three fool-proof ways to save space and make your condo unit appear larger:

1. Add mirrors

mirrors to create more space

Mirrors provide the illusion of a larger space.

When strategically placed in such a way that takes advantage of a light source, they reflect light and create a sense of openness.

2. Take lighting seriously

lighting can increase visual appeal

Your lighting can make your living spaces seem even smaller or transform them to look bigger and airier.

Thus, when choosing lighting for your limited space, choose the proper lighting, placement, and colour palette (white, cream, beige and grey, among other light colours).

Investing in lighting fixtures with multiple modes is also a good idea to save energy and quickly set the mood you are using the room for.

3. Invest in multi-purpose pieces

basic fixtures can double as space-saving elements

Foldable tables, sliding doors, beds with hidden storage space, stairs with built-in compartments, and coffee tables with drawers that could pass off as design aesthetics, among others, are functional and space-saving options for your home.

Interior design ideas for your condo renovation project

interior design ideas

After tackling the necessary considerations before a renovation, you can begin conjuring your dream condo interior design with these ideas.

We're breaking down these tips room by room to make your renovation as easy as possible:

Condo bedrooms

bedroom interior design

Your bedroom should be the one space where you can totally relax. Thus, all design elements should make for a relaxing atmosphere.

For the walls, choose light, soft colours to promote relaxation and make for refreshing mornings. Your floors can also use carpets or area rugs for soft flooring.

Avoid overwhelming your space with oversized furniture and complicated decorative elements.

Instead, invest in a large mirror to reflect natural light into your home and use soft lighting for a comforting atmosphere.

Condo bathroom

bathroom fittings

Condo bathrooms are notoriously small, which makes them simpler to renovate.

For instance, repainting or retiling the walls can already transform the entire room.

Space-wise, the best way to go is by:

  • keeping your furnishings simple,

  • focusing on effective storage and organisation, and

  • working your design around the most critical parts of your bathroom.

That said, take extra care when choosing the bathroom sink and the counter. If it doesn't fit the interior design or the size of your bathroom, it can interrupt the flow of the space.

Condo living room

space-saving living area

Your living room, including your dining table, will be the focal point of your home. If your condo living space isn't already open concept, we will likely recommend hacking non-support walls.

It is also usually the most significant area, so if you want a feature wall, this is the perfect place to have one.

That said, remember that you don't overdesign your walls as they can feel overwhelming and result in a smaller and cramped atmosphere.

Floor carpeting can be impractical, so stick to hardwood floors or use area rugs if you want the carpet feeling.

A chandelier can be a great statement piece for a design accent and a lighting source at the same time.

Condo kitchen

bright condo kitchen

Kitchens in condos are usually small, so a good focus for renovation is making the area appear bigger, especially if you plan to entertain guests here.

Play with shapes for your kitchen layout, or better yet, do an open concept to maximise space.

Keep your wall colours the same colour and your flooring material consistent for a flowing effect.

Mr Shopper renovates with your lifestyle and unique needs in mind

small condo renovation interior design

Combining industry expertise and our dedication to not letting issues, such as space constraints, compromise your dream home, you can rely on our team to deliver your vision.

Having worked with condo homeowners for over 180 projects, we are also well-versed in developer guidelines.

[Browse through the homes we've designed at]

In addition, we are the only design firm to offer a truly one-stop turnkey interior design services solution by handling everything from design and build to sourcing and procurement.

Don't wait; speak with our dedicated interior designer to begin your condo renovation journey today!

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