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Interior Design Trends 2023: Home Decor Trends to Watch Out For

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

interior design trends 2023

Are you looking to revitalize your home? Maybe you just want to try out this year's interior design trends.

No matter your reason, renovating your interiors is one of the easiest ways to make your living environment come alive.

Using our industry expertise as interior designers at Mr Shopper Studio, we've determined the latest interior design trends to try out in 2023!

Check out ten of these interior design trends below.

What influenced the top interior design trends for 2023?

latest interior design trends

Typically, events from the past few years and people's responses to them constitute a considerable part of trends.

This year is no different as we yearn for a greater connection to the natural world after being cooped up during the pandemic.

Thus, design styles that evoke the feel of the outdoors and bring in elements of nature are in this 2023.

Also, we're predicting that design styles will be headed towards a sustainable but ''elevated'' approach. This might be because most people are environmentally conscious now more than ever but still want to enjoy life's pleasures.

This would look like luxe living and relaxed sophistication with products that stand the test of time instead of mass-produced goods.

Top 10 interior design trends for 2023

1. Elements from the natural world

natural elements

Keeping it natural is very much in this year—not only is it easy to maintain and a more sustainable option, but this interior design also never goes out of style!

Cop the style:

Bring as much of the outdoors as you can indoors. Use the beauty of nature in your decor accents, furniture, and colour palettes.

Do away with faux materials and choose organic and natural materials such as wool, jute, cotton, rattan, and clay to complement the wooden materials.

The layers of nature create a visual intrigue that exudes classiness but remains laid back.

2. Layered lighting

latest interior design trends

With many of us using our living spaces more than ever, the need for multiple lighting fixtures that can adapt one space for different uses is one interior design trend we can all get behind.

Instead of using one single ceiling light to light up the room, there will be multiple lighting fixtures at various points of the room.

Cop the style:

Use several light fixtures layered strategically around your room.

This can look like ceiling lights for general lighting, statement light fixtures to illuminate a specific focal point (artwork, collection displays etc.), desk lamps for workspaces...

The possibilities are endless, and you can curate the lighting to suit your space, just like you would with furniture.

3. Textured materials

more texture

Using textured design elements adds depth and dimension to your living spaces, adding personality and making them look more interesting.

Cop the style:

Mix textured materials across the room—fabric and leather for your furniture design, sheer cloth for your curtains, and choose a jute material for your rugs.

Feel free to experiment and play around with different textures to create your ideal ambience.

If you like open floor plans, this is also a unique way to map out different zones of the house while maintaining a cohesive flow throughout the property.

4. Sustainable elements

sustainable design

As the world transitions to using clean energy from fossil fuels, so do interior design trends!

We've seen the move from mass-produced, micro-trending pieces to organic materials and investment pieces built to last.

Cop the style:

There's more to sustainability than choosing more environmentally friendly, as in recyclable and renewable materials.

Being set on a particular aesthetic before furniture shopping can help avoid impulse buying.

Checking your local thrift store for that piece you have in mind before buying a new one and refurbishing the item is also a good idea.

You can also give some love to homegrown furniture and home decor brands. You'll get more unique pieces for better durability and longevity than from IKEA.

5. Curves and arches

curved edges

As if to set a new era from the rigidity of the pandemic and its necessary rules, the trend is now moving away from geometric patterns to soft edges and curvy shapes.

Organic, irregularly-shaped furniture allows you to create spaces that are more distinctive and cosy.

Cop the style:

Think about the spaces where you want a more lively atmosphere.

For example, you might want a round table in the dining room instead of the usual rectangle.

Curved sofas, irregularly-shaped rugs and cabinets with rounded edges, among other curved furniture, are also good ideas.

6. Refreshing pastels

pale pink at center stage for this living room

It's time to say goodbye to 2022's greys and beiges and say hello to the new era of 'neutrals'!

This interior design trend features refreshing yet earthy pastels, such as pale pinks, delicate browns, muted greens and soft yellows, for a cosier but modern home.

Cop the style:

Depending on how intensely you want to incorporate these colours, you can splash them on your seating, curtains and decorative objects or use them as the central interior design theme.

7. Stoneware

bookmatched marble bedhead feature

Chic, imperfectly perfect, and timeless natural stone finishes are having a moment in 2023.

Cop the style:

Besides the obvious choices of stone bathroom walls and countertops, you can incorporate the stoneware trend through expertly placed ceramics, pottery, and artisanal vases.

8. Mixing the old with the new

'70s design is having a moment in the interior world

Interior design styles can't escape this generation's longing for the past, specifically mid-century styles that evoke nostalgia.

Cop the style:

Depending on which era you hold dear, you can incorporate everything from the chocolate browns and rusts of the '70s to the neon blow-up furniture of the '90s,

Combined with modern staple pieces, this creates a living space bursting with personality yet doesn't feel dated.

9. Bold, unconventional colours

bold patterns and colours boost visual interest

2023 is all about finding colour confidence in your home, and Pantone revealing Viva Magenta as their Colour of the Year 2023 certainly drove the nail in for the trend.

Cop the style:

Take part in the resurgence of colour by incorporating rich, bold jewel tones and layering with home decor in complementary colours.

10. Crafted and artisanal designs

bold usage of contrasting colours

In response to the hyper-minimalist tendency in recent years, this year's trend has shifted to a more eclectic collector's approach to designing spaces.

Cop the style:

Pick an item or two (or more!) of beautifully handcrafted goods or artisan pieces, such as floor lamps and handmade clay vases, to incorporate the style trend.

Bring your favourite interior design trends to life with Mr Shopper!

new interior design trends

Regardless of the interior design trend you prefer, Mr Shopper's dedicated interior designer team is here to help you make your dream home come to life.

Our team brings years of experience and expertise to ensure the style trend you choose resonates with you and fits your lifestyle.

Not only that, we can take care of everything through our end-to-end interior design services— from design and build to sourcing and procurement; you name it, we do it all!

Ready to have your vision come to life?

Get in touch today for a FREE consultation with our team.

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