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Safety First: How To Baby-Proof And Child-Proof Your Home

For folks who have babies and toddlers at home, you can’t take anything for granted. Pretty much anything and everything can be a hazard to curious babies, who don’t understand the art of self-preservation.

In this guide, we share a handy checklist that you can use to baby-proof your home, and make it safe for your kids. Read on to find out more!

How To Baby-Proof Your Bedroom

  • Don’t place any objects in your baby’s crib

  • Store your makeup and medicine in a locked cabinet

  • Put a child safety latch on any cabinets with potential hazards in them

  • Do not hang anything over your baby’s crib that they can grab and pull

How To Baby-Proof Your Bathroom

  • Keep bathrooms locked

  • Secure toilet covers with childproof locks

How To Baby-Proof Your Living Room

  • Secure heavy shelves and cabinets

  • Make sure electrical outlets are fitted with covers

  • Use electrical cord shorteners to keep appliances out of reach

  • Replace corded window blinds with cordless options

  • Look for rounded sofa and coffee tables rather than angular ones

  • Install corner guards on furniture with sharp edges

  • Install window grills (or secure windows so they can’t open more than a few inches)

  • Remove clutter and small items that could cause choking

  • Place non-skid pads under your rugs

How To Baby-Proof Your Kitchen And Dining Room

  • Keep cleaning products out of reach, in high and locked cabinets

  • Don’t use tablecloths (babies can easily pull these off and injure themselves when objects on the table come crashing down)

  • Use an oven door guard if you use your oven often

  • Use a cooker guard to baby-proof your stove

  • Use safety gates to keep babies out of kitchens if necessary

  • Avoid using glass top tables – use wood or metal tables instead

How To Baby-Proof Your Home: Other Tips

  • Make sure you have a first-aid kit at home

  • Attend a CPR course for infants so you’re well-prepared

  • Turn off your appliances when they’re not in use

Thank you Hometrust for the feature!

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