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Stacked Homes | Stop Blaming Just The IDs

Updated: May 20, 2022

Recently, Stacked Homes released an article that sheds light on what goes on behind the scenes for an interior designer. We would like to encourage you to have a read on the enlightening article and we hope that it gives you a better understanding on how we work at Mr Shopper Studio. In summary, here are the points covered in the article that we can all take a lesson from. 1. Competitors Undermining Our Quotes After our first meeting with the client, we will draft a Ballpark Quotation based on your design requirements of your home. This will take hours of intense research to quote the right price for you. While drafting your quote, we will be doing the same for other clients. However, our clients will end up going for our competitors who will underquote, without any regard for the quality of our turnkey service.

2. Making The Most of Time A lot of time is dedicated to a project. Other than creating drafts of your quote, accompanying you to view sites, purchase accessories and select materials, sometimes even on weekends. This takes a lot of time that many might take for granted.

3. It Takes A Village

At Mr Shopper Studio, we work in teams. You can even catch how we work in the video embedded below. Behind our strong comradery, comes a network of connections and experts in the construction industry. Many years in the business do not come without a solid backbone of subcontractors who will be at your site ensuring that everything goes according to schedule.

4. Unrealistic Budgets Mr Shopper Studio offers a turnkey service. The term ‘turnkey’ refers to a service whereby we will take responsibility for the entire process, from design to procurement, to completion to the set-up which includes communications and transactions with subcontractors, electrical and plumbing contractors, painters, styling etc. In other words, a ‘one-stop service’ destination for our client. With all these services managed by us, it is impossible to compare our service to other firms in the industry. However, our unique selling point serves as an unrealistic expectation for our clients as they will ask for a "lower price" as they contemplate on which firm to choose from.

5. Sitting On The Fence Clients have a tendency to change their design direction. While IDs will be able to comply with the first few changes, some time and effort is required to make those changes. In the end, the client makes a request to have those changes to be done free of charge. As mentioned previously, we work together in teams. When there is a delay on one side, the butterfly effect causes a ripple to other stages of renovation that requires more time and effort to manage. This may even cause further delays and potentially a different outcome in the end result.

6. Having Our Quote And Using It Too As mentioned previously, a lot of time and effort was used to draft the quotation. It can even be demoralising when the client ends up using our quote and designs, and comparing it with other firms, where they overpromise that the same level of service will be delivered.

At the end of the day, we hope to continue to follow through with our business mission; to create new spaces that shape the human experience. The many years of experience of designing homes for clients, to be able to deliver the promise of providing the opportunity and convenience to make prestigious living available to all. It does not go in vain when our clients remember our portfolio and recommend us to their loved ones. We hope to continue fostering strong relationships with our clients, while creating a dream space designed according to your needs. Special thank you to Stacked Homes for the eye-opening article!

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