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Condo Interior Design Singapore

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Make your condo truly your own with Mr Shopper Studio's expert eye for design and end-to-end interior design services.

Many condominium owners would agree that only a few things can top the convenience of condo living. But being situated at a premium commercial location with access to literally everything has its downsides, too.

Noise, limited space, shared facilities and having to follow the rules that come with a multi-unit building are only some of these. 


So, it's natural to want to have a piece of your own world and to keep your space as sacred as possible.

The easiest way to do this? Designing your condo interior exactly the way you want it.

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But with little to no experience in condo interior design projects, it can be challenging to know where to start.

Some common condo renovation and interior designing problems you may run into are:

Developer guidelines

Condo units follow a different set of guidelines than HDB units when it comes to renovation practices.

Without an interior designer, you would have to personally check with your condominium's management before starting your renovation.

Restrictions in design options

Depending on your condominium's guidelines, you may have limited options in designing your interiors - some areas may be off-limits, while only certain alterations are allowed on others.

Aside from having an eye for design, you also have to know where to source and procure your furnishings.


Condo renovation projects are no small matter. Without an expert, you may need to experiment a lot to find something that works.​ 


Also, if you're working with resale condos, you may have to dig deeper into your pockets since there are usually additional works that need to be done.

Space constraints

For an optimal small condo interior design, you need to ensure you adopt space saving strategies, and tricks that make your living space seem bigger. For example, light-coloured walls reflect light better, allowing the space to feel airier and less cramped.

Also, if you're working with resale condos, you may have to dig deeper into your pockets since there are usually additional works that need to be done.

For more in-depth condo renovation tips, check out our article here!

Our condo interior design services can help.

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As experienced condo interior designers, we have had our fair share of these issues.

Storage space, bathroom fittings, basic fixtures, and even post-renovation problems crop up when you least expect them.

Thus, we made sure to cover everything with our interior design and renovation services.


Here's how we make every condominium interior design project as hassle-free as possible

Specialised design methodology for every client

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To help condo homeowners decide which aesthetic they want to see in their homes, we have created our very own design methodology - the Interior Personality Analysis Program.


The first in Asia, our IPA Program is based on your personality and lifestyle, curating everything from colour palette to space planning according to your tastes and preferences.

Experienced condo interior design team

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Our interior designers do more than create a stunning home for you to live in; they also ensure that your condominium unit is functional, accessible, and safe without feeling cramped.


Our team has worked on hundreds of projects, gaining the expertise to balance interior design styles and functionality while still optimising the limited space of condominiums.

Full end-to-end interior design services

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Combining convenience and practicality without sacrificing design integrity or your vision, Mr Shopper Studio is a truly one-stop turnkey solution for condominium owners.


Our end-to-end services offer everything from design and build to sourcing and procurement of furnishings and more!

Premium convenience for each client

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Our interior design firm looks to streamline every part of the process and elevate client experience with personalisation and design integrity. Rest assured, we will take care of everything - you don't even need to be physically present!


Communication can be handled online so you can focus on the more important things in life.

When it comes to your condo's interior design, don't settle for less

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Condo Interior Design Portfolio

Need some inspiration for your dream home? Take a look at our past condo interior design projects to get inspired!

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Ready to begin your condo interior design project?

Book your FREE consultation today with our expert condo interior designers and get:

  • Quality workmanship that creates aesthetic value while maintaining your high-end property.

  • Premium access to professional end-to-end condo interior design services.

  • A curated condo unit that reflects your personality and lifestyle based on our IPA Program.

Slots are filling fast, so make sure to book your appointment ahead of time!

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