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Jazz up your Home in Style using Taobao!

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Many people have raved how amazing Taobao is, yet there are equally many issues buyers faced too. I will not share further on how to make purchases online etc.

Rather today I'll share one of our "trade secret" on how we took advantage of Taobao & Singapore local retailers.

We're working on a project recently where client has a very tight budget for renovation+furnishings. I'll share briefly how we worked within her given budget in style!

It's gonna blow your mind.

Prep your heart as we move on to show you in the next few photos on where we sourced for showflat-worthy furniture and the ultimate modern luxe ambience revealed!

Mr Shopper Studio - Living Room 2

We have modernised and mix common Scandinavian with soft Industrial style. See how sleek gold elements throughtout the living area blended well into rustic wall hook and wild concrete blocks TV feature wall.

Below are some of the furniture we have sourced for our client:

Dining Table

From: Taobao

Price: S$773

Estimated selling in SG: S$2,500

Dining Chairs x 6pc

From: Taobao

Price: S$352

Estimated selling in SG: S$780

3-seater Sofa

From: Comfort Design

Price: S$1080

TV Console

From: Castlery

Price: S$699

Mr Shopper Studio - Master Bedroom 1

We wanted to create a peaceful resting area for our client, the next place where they will spend their 8-10hrs of their day there. Gentle earthly shades were picked and silver elements to keep the luxurious touch intact.

Below are some of the furniture we have sourced for our client:

(exclude Study room and Guest room are not featured here)


From: Castlery

Price: S$849

Bedside Table x 2pc

From: Taobao

Price: S$250

Estimated selling in SG: S$600

Wall Art x 2pc

From: Taobao

Price: S$120

Estimated selling in SG: S$600

Handwoven Wool Rug (2m x 3m)

From: Taobao

Price: S$660

Estimated selling in SG: S$1,800

Wanna be shock further?

Ready? Get set... Go!

Below is the overall breakdown of this 3-bedroom Apartment project expenditure:

Renovation $6,500

Furniture* $7,000

Lightings $3,000

Others** $5,000

Total $21,500

*Others - Home Accessories, Curtains, Shipping, GST etc.

This is how we have helped many owners to save time + money by sourcing, buying, shipping and assembling the furniture from Taobao on their behalf and those items that require comfort-level test by clients personally will be sourced locally.

We like to apologize if our caption ¨Renovation below $7,000¨ seem misleading. I believe after our sharing above, you will learnt that there are in fact many other cost involved apart from renovation. Speaking of which, we have indeed kept our renovation budget for this project below $7k. As such, next time when you see post like ¨Beautiful home below $20,000¨ you will know what to expect or watch out for.



** Point to note **

- This is a condo unit so most of fixtures such as "Wardrobe, flooring, kitchen cabinet etc" are already provided for. - Unlike conventional ID firm, we do design and sourcing for furnishing for owners as well. If possible we will cut down on carpentry work and source for furnishing that compliment the interior as replacement. Hence we are able to keep the renovation cost low.

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