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8 Interesting Facts you may not know yet about M.S.S.

We believe most have seen our works either from our portfolio or videos. We've also shared some of our trade secrets in our previous blogpost. So how much do you know about Mr Shopper Studio? How are we different from other ID firms? Is it expensive to hire us?

Allow us to share 8 interesting facts:

Fact 1:

We ask PLENTY of questions before we take up your project.


To us, it's not just another sale, understanding and tailor-make a home to your needs is utmost importance to us. Without figuring this first, we will not take on your project. This might be a little tricky as some of you may feel we're being selective in whom we serve.

Fact 2:

Be prepared for a COMPLETE design from us.

Our client must be mentally prepared to have a complete theme home. And that, we really mean COMPLETE transformation from empty spaces to a place call home. Completed with not only carpentry but also furniture, lightings, curtain, sanitry to accessories like clocks, wall art, utensils etc.

Fact 3:

We require your MAX cooporation.

Any drastic or last min changes, or even purchasing your sofa without informing us could mean the entire team have to rework everything all over again.

Fact 4:

We LOVE empowerment.

We plan our design according to your needs and preferences, but upon design and project commencement, we must be empowered for the rest of the decision making process, mainly in the selection of your furnishings which might affect the initial planned design.

Fact 5:

It is POSSIBLE for us to turn down your project.

If budget suggested to us is really too low such that even if we try to Taobao almost all furniture for your entire house to replace carpentry and still not able to make it work, then we won't take up your project to waste your time.

Fact 6:

Sorry, NO quotation from us.

Unlike conventional ID, we don't provide quotation or offer you with bundled packages. If you're expecting these during your appointment with us, you will probably be disappointed.

Of cos, if you need some guidance for some renovation works' pricings, we will be happy to advise a range for your considerations.

Fact 7:

You DECIDE your renovation budget.

We prefer to work within your budget, an amount that you've already planned to spend for your home so that you don't have to worry about bursting your bank account later on. We will also advise an estimate amount that you should buffer for electronics and mattresses etc.

Fact 8:

Our design is like liquid; high FLEXIBLITY.

We believe that you as home owners should be empowered to decide how much they're willing to spend and we'll work based on your budget. If you've more budget, we could plan more customised works or unique materials to spice up your home. With smaller budget, we can also replace certain carpentry works with furniture or accessories to complete the look. We do shop & buy furnitures from a wide sources like Taobao, Alibaba, IKEA to Commune, Crate & Barrel or even Marquis, Space, Air etc.

Our ultimate goal is to let you stay in a well-designed home.

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