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You probably will not believe this is a BTO in Punggol.. (Based on a true story)

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

So what have we done to this home to receive such compliment? Kindly allow us to take you back in time to their lovely home.

After a three month process inclusive of design and renovations, the designer conjured a modern space fused with luxury features. Considering the uniform state of BTO flats, MSS and his team utilised choice furnishings and spatial reconfiguration to provide an interior that shattered monotony.

Initially, the common area was too square for the owners’ liking. A divider wall was erected to separate the communal space from the foyer. The original dining wall was subtracted, to recreate a more spacious layout.

Space was also removed from the original kitchen to contribute to the duality of a cosy foyer back-to-back with an open communal area. Accenting the refurbishments are a newly implemented sliding wall concealing the kitchen, as well as a customised drop ceiling, painted a daring black.

Drawing from experience retailing choice furnishings, MSS mapped the layout of the living room with the help of situating appropriate fittings. To begin, his selected carpet aided in the demarcation between living and dining areas. Instead of the popular L-seat sofa, MSS opted for a three-seater complemented by two singular chairs, allowing homeowners a sense of modularity.

MSS picked out full length blackout curtains, not just serve its function of eliminating light when need be, but also to vertically elongate the room. The media console wall serves as a handsome focal point, completed with marble laminates and enhanced by LED backlights.

Individuality was key when it came to the different rooms. In the son’s, the bed is hoisted on a platform, where each side serves purpose. A sleek black sliding cupboard is ergonomically suitable within the space available, while the other side of the platform is home to a fully carpeted entertainment zone, a personal getaway.

The son’s room features a platform upholding the bed, which also demarcates the room into storage, rest and entertainment segments.

A modern interpretation of Victorian stylings is present within the daughter’s room. Pastel colours swathe, while rustic bedside tables set on natural wood elicit an old-world charm. A touch of whimsy lies in the birdcage light, accented by the mounted bird figurines, illustrating a mural of freedom- emulating breaking away from captivity. Cove lights and sleek cabinetry, along with the recessed ceiling for visual depth, collectively contribute a modern touch.

Feminine flourish; the monochromatic swathe a perfect base for subtle, demure nuances. Modern interpretation of a classic Victorian theme, the recessed ceiling, cove lights and sleek cabinetry complementing the rustic fittings.

The mix of material overlay breathed new life into the common bathroom, namely natural stone for a permanent infusion of luxury. Storage solutions are present within the concealed mirror.

The master bedroom is a clean-lined modernity. The mounted television console and its surrounding cabinetry is an exercise in ample storage, avoiding space constraints.

Interestingly, the floorboards are continued within the master bathroom, where emulating wood-look tiles are used. An updated take on the already impressive common bath, the master version features a newly conceived divisive wall and the aforementioned wood-look tiles to complement the luxurious natural stone walls.

Further hotel-inspired fusings are present- the newly constructed divider wall for added exclusivity, for instance.

With our hardwork and dedication, we've successfully make the owners truly happy and proud of their home. With that, we like to wish all our readers and fans a Happy New Year! We will be showcasing more of our work in 2016.. stay tuned!

Photos Credit: The Luminari

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