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How to complement Designs with Feng Shui?

One of our standard IPA (Interior Personality Analysis) is to check if home owners will be hiring a Feng Shui (FS) Master because we definitely do not want our designs proposal to clash with the FS Master's advice. Neither do we want our beautiful creations destroyed by the FS Master's one sentence. Hence we always design around the specific request they already have , as to ensure everything complements well at the end of the day.

I'm sure you probably didn't expect this unit that we did has several Feng Shui challenges. Let us reveal some of the interesting facts behind the designs here:

Dining Pendant Lights - Only 1 unit needed with lamp shades facing ceiling not flooring. You know this is really uncommon design in the market, we spent the most time trying to get one (that is not a Victorian chandelier...) yet that can fit into the theme well. Level of Difficulty 8/10

Mirror - The mirror must face Living Room. Okay, I must say this isn't that difficult to design but we chose add a bit of challenge to our team, we chose to do some DIY project here. We bought a simple mirror from IKEA and covered the border with a matching Laminate design so that it fits really well with the craft stone wall!

Level of Difficulty 3/10

Needed something to block off the entrance bathroom's door from facing the bed direct, so we sourced for a suitable Balinese divider that can also act as a accent feature to the Bedroom. we've considered the wind from the A/C cannot be block hence we've picked a divider that has adjustable louvers.

Level of Difficulty 5/10

If you're a business man too, you should always have some nice tall money plants in the house! It's not too difficult to get these 2 pots but placement and directions is somewhat important too.

Level of Difficulty 2/10

The kid's heads are forbidden to be placed by the side of door's entrance and they cannot have loft bed in the house (even though this is the most space-saving method with lotsa storage), however still requires a "stairway" to represent 步步高升。

Level of Difficulty 5/10

Bedhead has to be against the window, facing entrance. This is really the easiest part to comply!

Level of Difficulty 1/10

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