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Balcony Design Ideas Singapore for Your Next Home Project

Singapore, with its unique blend of urban development and tropical climate, offers the perfect canvas for landed homeowners to extend their living spaces outdoors.

The most balconies in Singapore homes are often underutilized, but they hold untold potential to enhance your home’s functionality and aesthetic appeal.

In this article, we'll be exploring some fun ideas to transform your balcony into an integral part of your home, tailored to your lifestyle.

However, there are regulations about what you can and can't do under Singapore law. So, before dreaming too big with your balcony ideas, make sure to consider these do's and don'ts first:

The Dos & Don'ts of Balcony Transformation

  1. According to the guidelines provided by the Urban Development Authority (URA), a balcony in Singapore should adhere to the following criteria:

    • It should occupy no more than 15% of the net internal size per unit.

    • It must have a minimum width of 1.5 meters, with exceptions made for curved or irregularly shaped balconies.

  2. You cannot box in your balcony with glass panels or walls.

  3. Balcony screens are allowed as long as they can be drawn open or retracted fully. Blinds and curtains are fine as they count as furnishing.

Now that we have that covered, here are some of the ways you can transform your balcony into a functional and stylish space.

Ingenious Design Ideas for Your Balcony Space

Transform your balcony into a studying or working space

With remote work becoming increasingly prevalent, creating a dedicated space that fosters focus and creativity is essential.

Get some fresh air and maximise daylight by repurposing your balcony into a space for working or studying, especially if you are sick at looking at the same four walls every day!

Start with a weather-resistant desk and ergonomic outdoor chair. Opt for furnishings that complement the natural outdoor setting, with earthy tones and nautral materials. Additionally, a high-quality outdoor fan can keep you cool in the humid climate, ensuring comfort throughout the workday

If your balcony is not already sheltered, consider adding a trellis or pergola to shield your workspace from the sun's glare and occasional rain showers.

Perhaps most importantly, ensure your balcony workspace is tech-friendly with weatherproof covers for power outlets and outdoor-rated extension cords.

Convert your balcony into a cosy spot

Take advantage of your balcony's stunning view by creating a lounging space or a reading nook that doubles as a green sanctuary!

This balcony garden can be equipped with a variety of potted plants, such as spider plants, money plants, aloe vera, air plants, and monstera plants. Remember to use plants that are easy to maintain, as your mini garden should be a source of pleasure, not a chore.

To enhance the garden feel, add a small water feature, like a tabletop fountain, to introduce the soothing sound of trickling water. Attach vertical planters to your balcony wall, creating a curtain of greenery which can act as natural coolants.

The furniture in this cosy spot should invite you to linger. Consider a weather-resistant rattan armchair or a soft daybed, piled with cushions for comfort. For those cooler evenings, drape a couple of throw blankets within arm’s reach.

Lighting plays a crucial role in ambience; fairy lights intertwined amongst the plants can create a magical atmosphere without overwhelming the natural twilight.

This mini oasis on your balcony will not only provide a cosy spot to relax but also help to improve air quality, promote well-being, and offer a daily touch of tranquility in your urban home, perfect for de-stressing.

Set up a mini-bar

Entertaining at home is a delightful experience with your very balcony bar. Choose a sleek, compact bar table with built-in seating, or invest in a custom-built feature that maximizes space.

Get some wall shelves (not too close to the edge!) and stock it with your favorite spirits, elegant glassware, and cocktail-making supplies. Include a small refrigerator or an insulated cooler to keep drinks at the perfect temperature.

Ambience is crucial for a mini-bar. Install dimmable LED lights or hang string lights along the balcony window and railings to create a warm, inviting glow as the evening sets in. Consider adding a Bluetooth speaker system discreetly tucked away to play music without overwhelming conversation.

Finally, personalise your mini-bar with unique elements that reflect your style. This could be anything from themed coasters to a signature cocktail menu that showcases your mixology skills!

Turn your balcony into an indoor park for your pets

Pets need their own space to explore and play; transforming your balcony into a pet-centric park provides a safe and stimulating environment for your furry companions right at home.

Begin with safety measures to ensure your pets can enjoy the balcony without risk. Install pet-proof railings or clear acrylic panels to prevent any adventurous jumps or falls.

Next, lay down artificial turf across the balcony floor for a touch of greenery that’s easy to clean and maintain. Integrate a variety of pet toys and interactive features that engage your pets’ senses, like scratching posts, chew toys, or a small water fountain for drinking.

Finally, create a cosy nook with a pet bed or cushioned area where your pet can relax after playtime. This should be a shaded spot where they can retreat to cool down and rest.

Create an at-home al-fresco dining space

With Singapore’s skyline as your backdrop, an al fresco dining area on your balcony is perfect for enjoying meals with loved ones.

Invest in a durable, weatherproof dining set that reflects your personal style and outdoor ambience. A teak or aluminum table paired with comfortable chairs can withstand the elements while providing a chic dining area.

Good lighting is crucial for setting the mood, so make sure to install a mix of functional and ambient lighting. To cope with the climate, a stylish fan can keep you cool, and a foldable umbrella or a retractable awning can provide shade during the day.

For convenience, add a side trolley or buffet table to hold dishes and serving ware. If your balcony has still got extra space, you can add functional appliances, like a grill or beverage cooler, to enhance your dining experience.

Bring Your Balcony Interior Design Ideas to Life with Mr Shopper Studio!

While designing your balcony may seem straightforward, there's more to it than making sure that it looks the way you want it look.

An interior designer can make the most of your limited balcony space, ensuring it's both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

At Mr Shopper Studio, we've been transforming balconies of all shapes and sizes into spaces for relaxing, resting, studying, and playing so we know exactly how to create a haven of your own out of this outdoor space.

From the initial design consultation to furniture selection, we got your balcony project covered from A to Z.

Looking for more inspirations? Check out our portfolio here!

Or book a design consultation with our team to begin this exciting home project today!

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