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Outdoor Bar Design Ideas That Bring the Party Home!

outdoor bar design

A night out is great now and then, but having happy hour at your own home bar gives you the flexibility and the personalisation that you just won't get from a retail bar.

You can listen to any music you want, have the freedom to design the space exactly how you want it to be and even adapt it to different moods and events. If you've been wanting to try out mixology, now's the time to experiment with creating new drinks and flavours!

Ready to bring the party home? Let's begin with the things you have to consider first before designing an outdoor home bar.

Things to Consider Before Designing Home Bars

Is there enough outdoor space?

more space

The first thing to consider is the available outdoor space on your landed property. You need to make sure there is sufficient space for both the bar setup and comfortable seating.

Evaluate your outdoor area's dimensions, considering natural elements like sunlight and shade. Do you already have a patio and are adding to it?

Consider how you want to integrate the bar with the rest of the outdoor space and how your guests will access it from inside your home. Moreover, be aware of potential noise disturbances and privacy concerns you may create for your neighbours.

Are the furnishings and materials durable and weather-resistant?

home bar seating

Opt for materials that are known for their resilience in outdoor conditions:

  • Bar frames and fixtures: Stainless steel is an excellent choice due to its rust resistance.

  • Bar counters and furniture: Teak or treated wood, known for its natural oils, can resist moisture and prevent decay.

  • Countertops: Granite or weather-resistant synthetic materials that can handle sun exposure and rain without deteriorating.

  • Seating and cushions: Use weather-resistant fabrics that are durable against rain and sun but also resistant to mould and fading

While these choices help prevent most of the wear and tear, you should consider using protective covers for your outdoor bar and furniture during periods of extreme weather or when not in use.

What is your ideal bar setup?

bar cart

Are you thinking of a fully-stocked wet bar complete with a sink, extensive countertop space, elegant glass shelves that display your bottles and glassware (e.g. whiskey tumblers, wine glasses, etc.) and bar stools for entertaining guests?

Maybe you want to go minimalist. Instead of a bar counter, your bar area might have cosy bar tables supplied by a bar cart equipped with only the essential spirits, mixers and bar tools.

Whatever you have in mind, make sure to plan the layout that maximises both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Outdoor Home Bar Ideas to Rival the Real Bar Experience

Create a Tropical Oasis

moody bar area

Want to transform your outdoor home bar into a tropical retreat?

Begin by selecting lush tropical plants like ferns, palms, and hibiscus to create a dense green backdrop. If you have a pool, design a bar that complements your pool area, with a shaded area and seating in the pool and around the bar.

Combine these with bamboo or rattan furniture to evoke a coastal vibe, transporting you to your very own exotic getaway. Don't forget to add some ambient lighting to keep the vibe going well into the night.

This setup is ideal for hosting pool parties or sipping cocktails and feeling like you're on a permanent vacation in your backyard.

Utilise an Unused Corner of Your Patio

home bar

A corner bar setup is a great space-saver and can be designed to match the existing aesthetics of your patio. This tucked-away bar corner can become your special retreat for a morning coffee or an intimate gathering with loved ones.

Start by assessing the available space and envisioning what could fit. A compact corner bar counter, perhaps in a curved or angular design, can maximise the space and add an element of style. Furnish it with some bar stools and ambient lighting to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Add wall-mounted shelves or cabinets for storing glasses and drinks, and decorate the area with potted plants or wall hangings to blend it seamlessly with the rest of your patio.

Set Up on a Balcony or the Rooftop

home bar

For those with limited yard space, a balcony or rooftop bar can be a fantastic alternative. Create a stylish and functional bar area that takes advantage of the views and open air.

Tailor the setup to the size and shape of your space: A balcony bar could feature a foldable or narrow counter to preserve space, while a rooftop bar can go all out with a full setup, including a pergola or canopy for shade.

A high table with stools can work well, especially when paired with potted plants and soft lighting for ambience. With the right lighting and furnishings, these spaces can turn into glamorous spots for entertaining guests under the night sky.

Dedicate a Wine Lovers' Nook

open shelving

Consider yourself a wine connoisseur? Create a focal point in your outdoor bar by setting up a dedicated wine section!

Choose a spot that can be easily adapted to store wine at the right temperature and humidity. Investing in a quality wine fridge is a great start. Furnish the area with stylish wine racks, a small bar table, and comfortable seating like plush bar chairs or a cosy bench with cushions.

Enhance the ambience with soft, warm lighting and perhaps some artwork or subtle, elegant accents that speak to the sophistication of a wine connoisseur's palate.

Add a Butler's Pantry

home bar design

Incorporate a butler's pantry, usually located between the kitchen/dining room and the outdoor area, for added luxury and convenience. The design of the butler's pantry should complement the overall aesthetic of your outdoor space.

This space can be used for additional storage, prep work, and keeping your main bar area uncluttered. Equip your butler's pantry with cabinets, a small sink, a mini-fridge for extra beverage storage, and ample counter space.

This discreet yet practical addition can streamline your hosting duties, making entertaining a breeze.

Embark on Your Outdoor Bar Adventure with Mr Shopper Studio

interior designer for home bar

Intimate and fully customisable to your lifestyle and preferences, a well-designed outdoor bar is the most hassle-free way to unwind on a Saturday night - or any night you feel like it!

But with many factors going into designing the perfect home bar, you need the expertise of seasoned interior designers to avoid costly mishaps and make your vision come alive.

Let Mr Shopper Studio help you design your way to a real bar experience!

Whether you want a small space dedicated to wine or a full-fledged wet bar by your pool, our dedicated interior designer team will be with you every step of the design process - from design consultation and to furniture procurement.

Ready to start your home bar project?

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