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Refined Luxury & Strategic Versatility @ Club Di Lusso by Mr Shopper Studio

Singapore is a little tropical paradise in Asia filled with a plethora of great food, entertainment and luxury experiences. To add to the list of must-try venues is the ever exclusive and oh so elusive “Club Di Lusso”.

Whether you’re a local resident or a jet setting traveller who appreciates the finer things in life, there is little doubt that Club Di Lusso can offer you an unparalleled experience. Think high-end restaurant, bar and cafe cum versatile event space in decadent luxury.

It’s the kind of place you go to take a load off and unwind, socialise, or even entertain ultra-high net worth clientele.

Tasked to design this exclusive elite club were Ken Lee and Kate Deng, founders of Mr Shopper Studio, who have always been able to understand the client’s lifestyle and needs and craft a space that adds value to the property or business, not just in terms of design but also bringing in more revenues for their clients.

Club Di Lusso wears many hats and the dynamic duo’s mission was to transform it into a multi-functional space where the members can relax, schmooze, and network. The design direction for this project is strategic versatility without sacrificing comfort and style.

The elite club offers a lavish high tea with sumptuous pastries and caffeinated beverages during the day, making it ideal for a casual get-together or a formal tea. Fine dining is also available with their first-class kitchen and killer menu.

For those who prefer a little liquid courage to seal the deal, the club has a fully-stocked bar with a mixologist that makes magic in a cocktail glass.

Club Di Lusso is also the perfect place for a mid-size event. Want to make an impression at your next corporate event or conference? This is the place to be.

For more intimate gatherings, such as a bombastic birthday celebration or even a grand wedding ceremony, Club Di Lusso has you covered too.

The U-shaped rooftop bar and restaurant can accommodate up to 120 pax, but with its narrow floor space, there is an emphasis on utilitarianism. The designers chose mainly loose furniture for the venue, creating a flexible floor plan for quick reconfiguration to cater to the demands of each event. It’s a no-frills, no-fuss style that makes the space event-ready always.

“The space is generally kept basic with only the 2 bars being eye-catching and exotic to allow the flexibility to future decorate the space for different occasions. We made this a super versatile space that can easily go with a wide variety of themes and events.”, Kate elaborates on their strategic space planning.

Due to the lack of concrete walls, the full fenestration is curtained up to create a bar atmosphere when drawn or raised for the restaurant-like ambience. The interiors have a chic and cool aesthetic when juxtaposed with the natural exteriors of a garden and water fountain.

We’d be remiss not to talk about the elan of Club Di Lusso. The vibe is totally Lamborghiniesque, with fast-paced racy energy that reflects the style of their strategic partner Tonino Lamborghini.

The Chinoiserie accents add an exotic charm to the palate, inspired by celebrity Chef Daniel who continues to create renowned fusion fine dining experiences for their elite clientele. The mixologist at Club Di Lusso is a highly sought after cocktail magician that can create a custom drink that matches your mood, looks, and overall vibe. Say Arrivederci to the standard cocktail recipes and Buongiorno to tailormade bevvies that speak to the unique being that is you.

Club Di Lusso boasts an impeccable sense of style and its decor makes a bold statement in luxurious leisure. Light and colours are the main stimuli that set the space’s mood while enhancing and reshaping the architecture with understated elegance. For a dramatic and immersive experience, earthy tones are matched with stimulating red, a significant colour of the oriental culture.

The light is layered with cool and warm colours, strategically placed to create definition and depth for the space. The backlighting at the wine display showcases the sparkling auburn spirits while the chic globe pendants illuminate the corners. Soothing club chairs in soft velvet cradle the patrons comfortably with graceful curves to match the modern vibe.

The resplendent wine bar boasts sumptuous curves reminiscent of the vibrant 80s vintage style, complemented by the sleek red fluted base of the counter, another modern touch to the space, inviting and mesmerising.

As one of the design constraints is the low ceiling, the designer made use of captivating vertical details that draw the eyes upward and create an illusion of space. Sculptural stools with classy white cushions and curved backrests are chosen to match the bar counter design and provide comfort for hours of conversation.

Dark wooden flooring complements the overall theme, exuding a warm and restful vibe. The charming illumination of the globe luminaires helps showcase the rich organic textures and dark brown hues that anchor the lavish setting.

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