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Scandinavian Interior Design Singapore


Easily achieve the Scandinavian home of your dreams with Mr Shopper Studio's unique design technique!

Looking for a Scandinavian-style home to move into? How about designing one of your own instead?

See, it's easy to paint a space as being Scandinavian in style—sheer curtains here, perhaps track lights at the corner, a minimalist lamp there, or maybe some plant on a feature wall—all these seem Scandinavian enough.

However, getting the elements to look and feel like a true Nordic abode is another story.

At Mr Shopper Studio, we've helped hundreds of clients design Scandinavian interiors.

Before coming to us, we have seen how many started with scattered design elements , lacking the signature sophisticated vibe of Scandinavian interior design.

Thankfully, you can avoid all this by choosing Mr Shopper Studio as we understand exactly what this design entails.



Characteristics of Scandinavian Interior Design

So what makes for a Scandinavian design? Here are the major elements to take note of:


Traditional Scandinavian homes are space-efficient. This means maximising the space; no chunky furniture or bulky wares, only those that serve a purpose.

Natural light

Nordic countries experience polar nights where there are prolonged periods of darkness. That is why natural light is a precious element in the design.


Bring in natural light to your home by introducing a light colour palette to your walls, choosing wooden flooring, and carefully positioning mirrors and reflective accessories.

scandinavian interior design master bedroom

White and a muted palette

Scandinavian homes tend to reflect the muted Nordic skies and have the need to maximise natural light, so they are usually clad in neutral tones and light and muted colours.

Wood elements

Warm and light wood elements, such as light wood flooring and wooden furniture, are key features in Scandinavian design and form the accent of a Nordic abode.

scandinavian interior design dining space

Outdoor elements

Scandinavians love bringing nature into their personal spaces with plants and wooden elements.


An easy way to implement this element is by using live plants and greeneries for your Scandinavian living room design or using wood furniture for your TV feature wall.

Homely textiles

For added texture, Scandinavians prefer accent decors that have both form and function like seating that doubles as storage space.


For example, you can bring warmth into a practical space, such as the dining room, by using warm wood tones.

scandinavian interior designer

Mr Shopper Studio can bring your dream Scandinavian home to life.

Without the skills and experience to bring the style to life, Scandinavian-style houses can easily look simplistic and bland.


This is where Mr Shopper Studio can help.


Create a Scandinavian-themed home of your own with Mr Shopper Studio

Specialized design methodology for every client

Specialized design methodology for every client

To help clients decide which aesthetic they want to see in their homes, we have created our very own design methodology - the Interior Personality Analysis Program.

The first in Asia, our IPA Program is based on your personality and lifestyle, curating everything from the colour palette to space planning according to your tastes and preferences.

Experienced Scandinavian-style interior design team

scandinavian interior design light fixtures clean lines

Our interior designers do more than create a stunning home for you to live in; they also ensure that your living space is functional, accessible, and safe.


Our team has worked on hundreds of projects, gaining the expertise to balance aesthetics and functionality while still optimising every inch of your space.

natural elements

Experienced Scandinavian-style interior design team

We mean serious business when we say we do everything. With almost a decade of experience in the field, we have gained an innate understanding of what homeowners like you want.

Thus, we provide a wide array of services that take care of everything—from renovation and interior styling to sourcing and procurement of furnishings, and more!

Premium convenience for each client

Premium convenience for each client

Our team looks to streamline every part of the process and elevate client experience with personalisation and design integrity.


In fact, we can start the project without you being physically present. Communication can be handled online, allowing you to focus on the more important things in life.

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Scandinavian Interior Design Portfolio

Need some inspiration for your dream home? Take a look at our past Scandinavian interior design and get inspired!

scandinavian design
scandinavian design
scandinavian design

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Trust Mr Shopper Studio for to Personalise the Scandinavian Look for Your Home and Enjoy:

  • Quality workmanship backed by years of experience in Scandinavian design.

  • Premium access to professional end-to-end interior design services.

  • A curated, cosy home that reflects your personality and lifestyle based on our IPA Program.

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