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Interior Makeover Surprise (Pasir Ris One)

It brings us great pleasure to introduce our very own “Singapore Extreme Home Makeover” program! This opportunity is not just open to selected lucky individuals, but to everyone!

Each house is customised, or "pimped", tailored to their personalities, interest, and most importantly, the budget of the owners. We coordinate with experienced local contractors closely and with our team of Interior Decorators led by Theme Designer to make this happen.

At the end of the program, the house will be revealed to its owners**, along with all the details of the renovation and the personalised features. To sweeten things up, the participants will be presented with a gift related to the theme of their new home, or related to the owner's hobby or interest!

** Owners are able to opt out from the surprise program and take part in the entire renovation process too. Video Credit: The Luminari

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