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Kong Bak Pao Makeover (Treasure Trove)

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Once again, our team has created yet another masterpiece with the following design concept.

Since the owner already bought their sofa set prior to coming up with a design, our challenge will be to design around it, so that the set is able to blend into the interior instead of sticking out.

The Kong Bak Bao lookalike sofa is clad in dark neutral tones, with red accents. Taking the cue from the colour palate at hand, we similarly swathed the interior surroundings accordingly- while largely supporting the darker neutral monochrome, red fittings were cast next to the sofa as thematic complements.

Considering that the sofa resembles a snack, we have modified the living hall to accommodate its irregular form with clean-lined modernity. The selected art piece and carpet occur as natural stylistic continuations of the sofa, emanating smoothly from its top and bottom.

Ultimately, the Kong Bak Bao lookalike is a subtle, yet notable-enough protrusion from the calm lines of modernity, accented by the colour schematic and choice fittings in the surrounding.

Video Credit: The Luminari

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