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Thank you for the trust and support given to us, we have a treasure-trove full of projects on hand which we will be revealed in Q1 2017.

We have handpicked 5 projects which we're genuinely most excited about for this year ahead. There are a few different themes too, ranging from Modern Oriental, Minimalist Luxe, Modern Vic and Contempo Zen just to name a few. So be sure to check back as we reveal them over the next few months!

Modern Oriental @ Trevista (January)

What makes this Modern Oriental so alluring is in its gold engravings and detailing. The oriental style brass handle is something worth mentioning too!

Modern Victorian @ RiverSail (February)

When we watched this project slowing taking shape after styling, the first thing that came to our mind was... A White Palace!

Minimalist Luxe @ Bishopgate (February)

Ever wonder how it is like to have a walk-in-wardrobe, exactly like a luxury boutique display right in your own home to house all your precious bag collection? This is surely every women's dream!

Contempo Zen @ Yung Loh (March)

What better way to promote the touch of serenity and peace than a Zen-inspired space. Should we mention there wouldn't be any TV too in this home?

Scandinavian Luxe @ Florida (March)

Furnishings and accessories with intricate Styling is the key element to pull this off tastefully. Trust us, the actual product will definitely be way better than this 3D perspective.

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