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A Singa-navian Home

For this particular resale condo project, our main challenge is to fit in a family of 7.

Apart from coping with the space constraint, we attempt to elevate the commonly executed "Scandinavian" theme to a whole new level.Yes, you heard us right!

To mix modern Scandinavian elements with a tinge of local "Kopitiam" flavour, we replaced the usual mid-back dining chairs with Bride's Veil smoked brass backless low stools instead.

For the rest of the living area, selective furnishings and accessories with intricate styling is the key element to pull this off tastefully. Oh, did we mentioned there's also a dedicated snack bar at a corner?

Some of the other features worth mentioning in this project includes the after-revamped Pinterest-worthy master bathroom, a loft-style bedroom for the kids and grandparent, also not to forget the space-saving motorized lift-up TV and a luxurious boutique-styled walk-in-closet!

Overall this is a project we all hope you will love as much as we do and as much as the owners do! We're the 1st in Singapore to have created our very own Singa-navian Home.

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