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Top 5 Project of 2019-Q1

Updated: Jul 22, 2021


A home should be a place that represents your style and where you look forward to spending time every day. This orange-tinted house was accentuated with luxurious furnishings and modern accents such as the waterfall chandelier, blooming green walls, and handbag display cabinet that brings the original charm of the interior to a higher level. The lighting comes in the most economical and tiny form possible to give way to other more functional decorations while making sure that there are enough lights in the rooms so the space won’t look gloomy. BAYFRONT VIEW

A rare Mediterranean flair home that evokes romance and friendly lifestyle. Handpicked turquoise as the key colour since we wanted to feature the Greek Mediterranean style more which blends perfectly with modern rustic pieces of furniture. Imported arch doors were incorporated to complement the theme too. TOA PAYOH APEX

A dash of orange and rosy colour along with some fun-injecting pillows would make any bedroom looks instantly lovely and inviting. This interior is mainly furnished with warm autumn colours yet cleverly includes a shade of blue and other cold tones to create contrast. At the same time, balancing off some sweetness.

Need a space-saving solution for all of your #OOTD outfits? No problem as a gorgeous dressing room will be ready by the time we hand over the keys to you.


Many homeowners like you would have visited numerous show-flats before you made your final purchase. We believe you would imagine those gorgeous settings and exquisite accessories are just for show, they're not functional, they could be very expensive to achieve if you wanted the same for your own home or well... It's too much hassle anyway.

In fact, what you do not know is that by adopting a twist of methodology in your home renovation workflow by using 3 simple rules, you can enjoy the same results!

Mr Shopper Studio has been achieving more than 50 portfolios of show-flat-themed homes.


Matching accessories and coordinating details are the essential elements that inject a punch of energy to make up an interesting room. Although the furniture, wall covering and flooring choice may account for a significant part of the ambience of the interior, it is the delicate pieces that add up to give a house a homey feeling.

We will personally help you source these accessories so your home looks unify and clutter-free! Speak with our well-versed interior designers and create a home that is uniquely yours.

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