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Tatler Focus: A Tropical Haven Designed For A Couple And Their Cat

A Tropical Haven Designed For A Couple And Their Cat

Ingenious space planning and an energetic colour palette complete the look of this stylish home

Even within a compact apartment, an interior can be tailored to serve diverse needs. For this three-room apartment in Singapore’s Bedok Reservoir district, designers Sheldon Toh and Reyane Kang from Mr Shopper Studio have designed a tropical-inspired space for a young couple and their cat.

Mr Shopper Studio | Neutral Colour Scandinavian Home

No.1 - Feline Factor

One of their first tasks was to address the owners’ concerns over their feline friend adapting to the new space. “As the space needs to be pet-friendly, we sourced for suitable fabrics for the home’s sofa upholstery and furniture,” say the designers. Effortlessly incorporating these features into the home’s overall aesthetic, the home makes a striking impression with its mix of plush furnishings and tropical elements.

Mr Shopper Studio |

No. 2 - Coral Features

The designers opted for a lively mix of burnt oranges and somber greys to anchor the home’s aesthetic. “We wanted to get the right coral shade to match the home’s palette and tropical features, without losing the luxurious touch,” they explain. These delightful details can be found in myriad areas throughout the home, ranging from the home’s tableware to its bedroom upholstery and even the sink in the master bathroom.

No. 3 - Tropical Allure

To fulfil the owners’ request for tropical accents within the home, the apartment features several botanically-inspired features. At the balcony, a vertical garden creates a verdant spot for dining and unwinding, while the study room features a botanically-inspired feature wall for a contemporary look.

No. 4 - Kitchen Efficiency

Working with the modest 1,259sqft floor plan, the designers also looked at increasing the efficiency of spaces within the home. To increase the kitchen’s workspace but without affecting the design of the living room, a hidden island table was customised, doubling up as a space for the owner to work on light baking as well as a serving table for wine when needed.

No. 5 - Plush Pad

Step into the master bedroom, and you’ll find a space where the designers have matched efficient living with the stylish comforts of this energetic home. Through careful space planning, the bedroom works around its space constraints to fulfil a myriad of needs, which include incorporating a TV, a vanity table and a changing area.

As a fitting endorsement, all the home’s inhabitants—humans and feline alike—have found a space to call their own. “The owners were initially worried their cat would not get used to the new space,” share the designers. “But she adapted well and quickly fell in love with the home.”

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