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The Ultimate Pet Purrrfect Home Every Cat Lover Will Want

Any cat owner knows their pet is the true ruler of the household. This contemporary apartment features built-ins and other elements created especially to accommodate the owner's beloved pet.

A Tropical Haven Designed For A Couple And Their Cat

Stepping into the house, one will be greeted by the warm, rustic looking light wood vinyl flooring

that brings cozy-ness to the house. As the owner enjoys a spacious and bright environment, walls of the living, dining and kitchen were all hacked off and combined into one well connected living space that flow seamlessly from one functional zone to the other.

The first area seen would be the music studio, which is a working zone for one of the owner to teach music lessons. Blacked frame sliding doors were constructed beside to allows some privacy when there are ongoing lessons. In this project, we used different finishes to demarcate the different zones. For the music studio, we covered one of the wide walls with cement looking wall covering to introduce some industrial element to the space. It acts as a nice contrasting background for the white piano as well.

Linking between the music studio and living zone would be a cat walk bridge, which is one of the main feature for their cats. We chose it to be in black colour to make it distinct. The bridge goes all the way to the end of the living feature wall, where the cats will find a series of shelving, which acts as their steps down and also a form of décor for the living wall.

Behind the living zone is the open concept kitchen. Again, cement screeding looking counter top were used to provide the raw element of industrial. The light colour scheme is kept consistent with the use of white for the cabinet colour. Black handles were used on the white cabinet to create some lining effects. Standing in the middle of 2 rows of cabinet is a multi purpose island, be it for food preparing, or for interaction between family and friends

Beside the dining table is a stretch of storage cabinet, with one of the door hiding the secret entrance into the bedroom. When step foot into the bedroom area, we have a different flooring to indicate a different functional space. As the house owners often have family member and friends coming over, they need their bedroom to have the flexibility to be converted to numerous resting areas. Hence, we shifted the walk-in wardrobe to the passage way. This not only allows the display of their clothing, but also doesn't restrict them to the usage of any bedrooms.

The colour palette follow throughout even in the bathroom. Rhombus shaped tiles was selected as the feature wall, with white grouting powder use to highlight the shape and pattern to create some fun element to the bathroom. Black accessories were chosen to create the small contrast against the light grey tiles for the rest of the wall

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