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5 Reasons Why Vinyl Could Be the Perfect Flooring for You!

All about (arguably) the most popular flooring option in Singapore. If you’re looking into flooring options, there’s a chance you’d come across blog posts upon blog posts of homeowners talking about vinyl. But rather than listening to online chatter about whether it’s a good or bad fit, it’s still best to come to your own verdict!

So, how should you start evaluating? Here, we delve into its properties in order to help you figure out if vinyl’s really what you’re looking for.

If you’re regretting opting in for OCS, this is your chance to get it rectified without a huge overhaul! Vinyl flooring can be overlaid over an existing hard surface floor – just fill in the grout lines, and you’ll be good to go. While it’s generally not advisable to use them in areas with high humidity, that’s not to say that you can’t. There are some alternatives that are hardier, like Floor Melody’s Natural Living Series for example. Because it’s made out of purely synthetic materials, it’s completely waterproof and you can install it anywhere, including the likes of your super wet bathroom!

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