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Interior Design Trends 2024: Top Interior Design Trends We're Most Excited to See!

interior design trends 2024

As we delve into 2024, a refreshing wave of interior design trends is set to captivate our imaginations and transform our homes into sanctuaries of style and functionality.

From the resurgence of bold, artistic expressions to the embracement of eco-conscious designs, interior designers around the globe predict that these trends will infuse our interiors with a renewed sense of purpose and beauty.

So, join us as this article guides you through our predictions for the vibrant future of the interior design world, ensuring your home stays at the cutting edge of style and comfort.

1. Biophilic Design

interior design trends 2024

Biophilic design emerging as a leading trend in 2024 is no surprise, seamlessly building off of 2023's home decor trends of incorporating natural and sustainable materials and elements.

Simply put, this concept is rooted in biophilia, the idea that humans have an innate tendency to seek connections with nature. Biophilic design seeks to create spaces that incorporate aspects of the natural world into the built environment to enhance the overall well-being, productivity, and mental health of individuals.

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Here's how you can incorporate the core characteristics of biophilic design in your own space:

Natural Materials

interior design trends 2024

Biophilic design uses plants, water, wood, and stone to create a tangible connection with nature. Indoor gardens, living walls, and even small water features can transform the static energy of a room, infusing it with life and movement.

Furniture and finishes made from natural materials like bamboo, wool, and stone not only pay homage to the outdoors but also add a unique texture and warmth that synthetic materials cannot replicate.

Natural Light

mid century modern interiors

Maximize natural light through thoughtfully placed windows and skylights. The goal is to create living spaces where daylight dictates the rhythm of our lives, reducing the reliance on artificial lighting and fostering a healthier sleep-wake cycle.

Increased natural light also has the benefit of creating spaces that feel larger and airier, perfect for small flats and condos.

Organic Shapes

interior design trends 2024

In its essence, the natural world is a tapestry of organic shapes and forms, a principle that biophilic design eagerly embraces. Architectural elements that mimic the soft curves of a river or the undulating pattern of hills invite a sense of calm and continuity.

This can look like rounded sculptural furniture design, curvy floor lamps, cupboards with rounded edges, and so on.

2. Quiet Luxury

timeless appeal

Quiet luxury, a concept that champions subtlety and refined taste, is redefining what it means to inhabit sophisticated spaces.

While there's a time and place for over-the-top design elements, this approach to design focuses on the power of minimalism, the timeless elegance of high-quality materials, and the craftsmanship behind every piece.

It's about adding those little touches that make a space feel fancier without compromising its overall effortless and clean vibes, embodied in the careful selection of furniture and decor that boast simple, clean lines and a neutral colour palette.

The emphasis is on the authenticity and texture of materials—think natural stone, untreated wood, and textiles like linen and silk. These elements combine to craft spaces that feel serene and grounded, radiating a sense of calm and comfort that is both luxurious and inviting.

3. Mixed Metals

interior design trends

Gone are the days when sticking to one metal finish throughout your space was considered a design mandate. Mixed metal is a trend that blends different metal finishes within a single space, such as a dining room or bathroom, adding depth, contrast, and visual interest.

The key to mastering the mixed metals trend lies in balance and cohesion. Combining warm metals like gold, brass, or copper with cool tones such as silver, chrome, or nickel creates a rich, layered look that can complement any design style.

Mixing metals is often a key feature of industrial decor, but it can be done more subtly, too, such as opting for a mixed metal light fixture to harmoniously combine brass and black or even brass and nickel.

The trick is to choose one dominant metal to lead the design and one or two accent metals to create highlights and points of interest.

4. Personalised Eclecticism/Maximalism

interior design trends

This approach is all about creating spaces that are rich in character, colour, and stories, moving away from the impersonal and generic to celebrate individuality and history.

The essence of this trend lies in its ability to merge the old with the new, a prominent trend of the past few years. Sentimental antiques and cherished family heirlooms find their place alongside contemporary pieces, creating a dialogue between generations and styles.

The result is a layered, eclectic environment that tells a story – your story.

In line with this trend, interiors are expected to bloom with rich colour palettes and bold patterns. The use of jewel tones and dynamic patterns reflects a departure from safe, neutral tones, injecting energy and personality into every corner.

As a small example, living rooms with intricately patterned statement rugs contrasted against an antique coffee table show how spaces can embrace a colourful and layered personality, turning everyday rooms into expressions of personal flair.

5. Zellige Tiles

interior design trends

Last but not least, the resurgence of Zellige tiles has captured the imagination of interior designers and homeowners.

Zellige tiles are celebrated for their distinctive appearance, which comes from the traditional process through which they are made. Crafted from natural clay found in the Fez region of Morocco, these tiles are kiln-fired and then glazed in a range of vibrant colours.

The result is a collection of tiles that boast an array of tones, textures, and imperfections, making each tile truly unique. Their glossy finish and rich colours reflect light beautifully, creating a cosy and dynamic environment that changes throughout the day.

This adds a layer of depth and personality to any space, elevating interiors by standing in beautiful contrast to the uniformity of mass-produced tiles.

Available in a wide range of colours and shapes, they can be arranged in various patterns to suit any design vision and room, making them a versatile choice for contemporary interior design, capable of bridging the gap between traditional and modern aesthetics.

Inspired by these interior design trends? Transform your space with Mr Shopper Studio today!

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Regardless of the home decor trends you prefer, our dedicated interior designer team is here to help you make your dream home come to life.

Our team brings years of experience and expertise to ensure the style trend you choose resonates with you and fits your lifestyle.

Not only that, we can take care of everything through our end-to-end interior design services— from design and build to sourcing and procurement; you name it, we do it all!

Ready to bring your vision to life?

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