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MSS Design Projects Q1 2021 — a Summary

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

It’s only a quarter of 2021 but Mr Shopper Studio has been busy. From pastel interiors to modern contemporary to Scandinavian styles, read along for a brief summary and links to the gorgeous projects portfolio we have completed for the first quarter of 2021.

1. The Addition — a modern classic with tons of wallpaper play

A hallmark of classical design, wall panels of beading and classic wallpaper prints are an instant way to add an element of classic luxury to a home. The pastel colors of plush teal and gold trim fittings, feel feminine while the use of large-format wallpaper prints adds a pleasantly young and contemporary feel to the look of the abode.

To view more photos follow the link to the project portfolio here.

2. Artra — soft pastel pinks in a modern contemporary abode

With the rose gold bubble chandelier as the focal point of the communal area that also ties up the whole interior design theme of the home, the design of this place aims to illicit a soft emotional response to any viewer of this home at Artra. What kind of emotional response, you ask? Well, it’s one to evoke feelings of calm, joy, and positive outlook through the expression of interior trends of blush and contemporary décor. This soft color palette is devised to be family-friendly yet at the same time, you can notice that the design of the apartment is very stylish such as the classic use of wall beading paired with artful lightings and contemporary fluted marble island bar. The look is similarly replicated in the children’s bedroom albeit done playfully with polar bears suspended from the light bulbs.

To view more photos follow the link to the project portfolio here.

3. Le Quest I — a marriage between Scandinavian and Modern Contemporary

Our Le Quest project is a marriage between Scandinavian and Modern Contemporary. Dark woods and black and grey tones that echo throughout the surfaces and panels of the entire home lend to a very modern look of the home whilst the signature airiness of Scandinavian is present in the décor and styling of the place and also in the study with its half-painted walls. Also, notice how a very streamlined cove lighting effect is designed to the ceiling of the living room, perfect for those compact spaces whilst not skimping on style.

To view more photos follow the link to the project portfolio here.

4. Dakota Crescent Maisonette — minimalistic details and architectural details

This Maisonette at Dakota Crescent is made to look more spacious than it is with the use of minimalistic greys, fully mirrored wall panels at entrances, and stripped of unnecessary décor and styling throughout the home. Instead, what you can see at this place is the focus on architectural details such as functional ambient lighting to subtly illuminate the stairs area, usage of quality wall materials like fluted and mirror panels, and elegant use of glass at the stairs railing, frosted divider screens, as well as movable door panels that open up the kitchen area.

To view more photos follow the link to the project portfolio here.

5. Park Place Residences — multifunctional space in primary colors

A home decked with primary colors theme of red and blue for a homeowner that loves color, this house also features multifunctional spaces and furniture that can convert the living room into a dining area. Elsewhere the picturesque bedroom and study show hints of postmodern interior décor and styling that’s sure to speak to any fans of this Pinterest-worthy aesthetic. Head along to this link to read more about this interior project by Rachael See of Mr Shopper Studio:

To view more photos follow the link to the project portfolio here.

6. Rivercove I — practical luxury with outdoor dining

Practical luxury is the aim of this apartment and this is evident on those plush dining chairs that look so comfortable to sink into, the flushed ambient lighting that mimics a cove lighting effect minus the bulkiness of a false ceiling, and the outdoor dining area for an opportunity to keep in touch with nature during those busy moments.

To view more photos follow the link to the project portfolio here.

7. Tre Residences II — children ignite the imagination of this home

We do not have to lose our sense of wonder as we grow up. We can always be inspired by children and this design at Tre Residences II is an example of that. In the boy’s room, a playful scene of midnight stars is depicted in the half wallpaper wall along with other décor that seeks to ignite imagination and playful curiosity. This detail is also brought into the parent’s bedroom except for this time the stars wallpaper is expressed in pink with pink plush velvet reminiscent of pastel mid-century modern styling coupled with artful light pairings. The living room and entrance leading to the communal area are again unassuming and soft pink tones for carpentry paired with trendy terrazzo dining table and bench nook board.

To view more photos follow the link to the project portfolio here.

8. Woodgrove — classic and contemporary all in one

This home is beautiful because it manages to look classic and trendy both at the same time. How it achieves this is by tasteful pairings of classic patterns like marble surfaces, (there’s one in hexagon tiles in the bathroom!) and herringbone floor tiles in neutral browns and light greys. Additionally, that black-framed movable glass door emits a European contemporary vibe with its clean lines in minimal airy space. This black against white look is again repeated in those woven chairs by the kitchen bar counter. Lastly in the bedroom sits an adventurous vanity table suspended from the ceiling and an entertainment area that can be closed up with movable wooden door panels to minimize distractions when it is time to get some restful sleep.

To view more photos follow the link to the project portfolio here.

9. AMK Court — quintessential Scandinavian

If you like airy spaces then this Scandinavian-themed apartment is the one for you. On top of white walls, the space is contrasted with natural materials such as woven rattan details for the cabinets in the living room and bedroom wardrobe and kitchen pendant lights. Also present are unpainted wooden furniture, dried flowers in amber vases, and natural fabrics such as linen and cotton that promote breathability. Lastly, the light grey kitchen cabinets paired with white subway tile backsplash have more of a modern farmhouse feel and seemed like a kitchen where everyone in the family would feel comfortable hanging out in.

To view more photos follow the link to the project portfolio here.

10. Rivercove II — perfect balance between functional and opulence

This modern luxury apartment at Rivercove hits all the right spots in terms of a perfectly balanced functional space with touches of opulence throughout the home. There’s even an outdoor dining area that adds a touch of out of the ordinary and the wardrobe is grand on top of its function. Luxurious-looking lights illuminate the bar island and hallways while hints of royal opulence are apparent throughout rooms from marble surfaces to splashes of cerulean blue and gold.

To view more photos follow the link to the project portfolio here.

Which interior design project is your favorite? Would you like your house to look classic yet trendy, exudes luxury, have multifunctional features in a space, or stripped of any extra decor to highlight the best features of a space? Speak to one of our interior designers now for your next home redesign journey. Alternatively, find out more about our projects by visiting our portfolio or reading our blog.

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